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serving as a basis for evaluation


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In case of forced convection, arising during collector's rotating, exponent of power in a criterial equation for Grashof number is equal to zero, therefore, this number equals to one and it can be excluded from the equation (9).
Indeed, they have a common solution: criterial causation.
12) As a result, the tension between the genetic and the criterial aspects of the natural conceptions returned in full force, as the origin of these conceptions was to be explained by sense-experience alone.
Nurses need multiple ways of thinking, such as clinical reasoning and clinical imagination as well as critical, creative, scientific, and formal criterial reasoning" (Benner et al.
En relacion con la cuarta hipotesis relacionada con las pruebas de validez criterial concurrente, los datos indicaron que el SPAI-B correlaciono de forma positiva y con una magnitud grande con la otra medida de ansiedad social general, la BFNE y su subescala BFNE-S, lo cual muestra validez concurrente con otra medida del mismo constructo hipotetico.
Table 2 Criterial for Improvement in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Core Set Criteria 1.
A consideracao criterial nao e a disponibilidade de verbos conjugados, mas a estrutura temporal de tais empreendimentos.
Finally, the criterial relations between Fanning friction factor f and Metzner-Reed Reynolds number [Re.
Whether or not one adopts such a metaphorical position as criterial to an account of punishment, there is something about retribution that invites a sense of making punishment appropriate or fitting.
To express the mathematical model of a heat transfer process by a bi-dimensional partial differential equation with boundary and initial conditions according to the type of the problem as well as by a criterial function which can be expressed in a functional form.
A text type is criterial for its tokens in much the same sense that the standard meter in Paris is criterial for meter length in particular objects.
Finally, a new optimization analysis in Autodesk Moldflow Insight uses Design of Experiments methods to automatically create a set of simulations to test the limits of every possible configuration of input parameters that you describe by specifying your quality criterial.
Be begins with a trinity of concepts qua criterial attributes of a Christian approach: Christ centered, biblically based, and Spirit filled.
Fairey's interest in the object (then-candidate obama) guided his selection of criterial aspects--young, smart, hip, progressive.
To achieve maximum efficiency across the entire value chain it would be desirable for all production inputs to be entered into the criterial function, according to the set of metrics that evaluate the optimal manufacturing process.
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