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In the hardware security market Common Criteria certification is becoming a regulatory requirement in a number of areas, especially in the government and military arena, as well as the market for the provision of qualified certificates.
Because varying methodologies and criteria are used to assess quality, no resounding conclusion on quality could be attained.
Using the framework's management criteria, CPAs can provide companies with the means to define, document, communicate and assign accountability for their privacy policies and procedures.
The workshop participants agreed that (Q)SARs are one of the alternative methods to animal testing, and therefore, these generic criteria can and should be further refined specifically for (Q)SARs.
The idea of "mental death" not marked by loss of respiration and heartbeat but by other criteria was stated in Germany in 1920.
In these workshops, good, poor, and fair assignments were used as a basis for discussion about the criteria and to gauge the level of parity between markers.
If this election is made, the new trust criteria must be applied for the entire election year.
The alternative is to try to provide each patient who meets the more objective criteria of medical need, medical feasibility, and ability to pay with an equal opportunity for a lifesaving transplant.
The athletic director will then form a committee to evaluate the fulfillment of the criteria.
In these cases, the payer may defer to the patient selection criteria of the individual transplant center.
Material has been drawn from the ILRU National Database on Independent Living Programs to determine levels of compliance with both legislated and generally accepted criteria for centers, to compare characteristics of complying centers with non-complying programs, and to examine the implications of federal funding practices.
residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) sector specific criteria report that outlines the general framework of Fitch's analytical approach for assessing and assigning ratings to RMBS securities that are backed by cash flows from existing real estate mortgage investment conduit securities (REMICs), commonly referred to as a Re-REMIC.
What selection criteria can be used for electronic resources?
Costs that otherwise might be considered program or management and general costs had they been incurred in a different activity, except for the costs of goods or services provided in exchange transactions that are part of joint activities (such as the costs of direct donor benefits at a special event) should be charged to fundraising unless the criteria in the SOP are met.
After a clear reason for a merger has been formulated, the process of developing a set of criteria for evaluating potential merger candidates can begin.