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marked with crossing lines


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There was little to suggest affection or companionship as they crisscrossed the stage, though at one point a group briefly coalesced.
Zemeckis' creative use of cutting-edge technology is also evident in the groundbreaking Tom Hanks starrer "Forrest Gump," in which Zemeckis used technology to help tell the story of the amiable Forrest whose life crisscrossed in and out of some of our nation's most significant events, interacting with historical icons along the way.
Burton tracks the movement of adventurous African American men across the country's West before paved roads crisscrossed the nation's plains.
The touring companies have crisscrossed several continents, bringing the total number of people who have seen Riverdance to a staggering twelve million (plus seven million who have bought the video).
As they crisscrossed the continent, the HEATSTOCK '99 argonauts filed daily stories and photos about the events witnessed along the virtual highways and byways of the United States and Canada.
Much homage was paid to Southern California's legendary history of once boasting the world's largest inter-urban electric rail system, the Red Cars that crisscrossed Los Angeles County.
To complicate matters further, tucked away in the corner of the first gallery is the sculpture Yale Piece, 1973: two wood panels kept upright and parallel by nine crisscrossed wood struts, each painted a different bright color.
Then, they zapped the ions once with pulses from crisscrossed laser beams tuned to carefully chosen frequencies.
Make a bun or attach a hairpiece with crisscrossed bobby pins or long hairpins with one end twisted upward.
2) Dirk Fischer, second from left, crisscrossed the country as an early jazz performer.
Two long straightaways crisscrossed the upper air, with a curving "ramp" billowing into the corners created by the intersection--a literal "high way.
The equator is crisscrossed with channels, now dry, that Indicate that water once coursed through the area.
Coarse metal lattices crisscrossed the entire stage, suggesting the river Moldau from which both the music and the ballet take their titles.