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tender and brittle


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The Crispy Duck bills itself as Pan Asian and the danger with restaurants that try to be all things to all people is that they can fail to do anything well so we were intrigued to see how they could deliver the sizeable menu ranging from Japanese Yakitori, sashimi and tempura dishes to Cantonese stir fried favourites and noodles.
The crispy, crunchy texture is irresistible thanks to the special blend of toasted oats and cereals that combine with juicy raisins, chopped dates and apricots plus crunchy roasted nuts and seeds too.
The bestselling thin and crispy pizza cooks from frozen in just 10-12 minutes.
Tuna and Mozzarella Fish Cakes are made with fresh tuna, cubes of Mozzarella and real potato which are seasoned with parsley and lemon and coated in a natural, crispy breadcrumb.
responding to consumer demand for more choices of the most popular type of frozen pizza*, thin crust, introduces three new additions to the popular and successful Newman's Own Thin & Crispy Crust frozen pizza line: white; roasted vegetable and sausage, bringing the total to eight varieties.
Its crispy skin, moist meat and sweet and savory glaze caught on and pretty soon a franchise opened in the Philippines.
The gong came just days after the Crispy Cod was also named Fish and Chip Shop of the Year for Wales.
Crispy Fruit is sold in both single-serving sizes and six packs.
Morrisons Thin & Crispy Ham & Pineapple, pounds 1.
Recommended items:Soups (clam, lentil, asparagus), lobster risotto cake, eggplant and manchego cheese souffle, pounded ``elephant ear'' veal chop, rack of lamb, crispy duck, short ribs, deep-fried sand dab strips, gnocchetti, molten chocolate cake, blood orange sorbet, banana tart.
The kiwi beauty will be in the country in time for the UK launch on August 5 of CarbWise--a range of four low-carb snack bars in Crispy Chocolate Peanut, Crispy Chocolate Marshmallow, Crispy Chocolate Raspberry and Crispy Yoghurt Lemon variants (rsp: 1.
The range comprises of flat, crispy, smoked, sweet cured rashes in light or dark cook; deep fried, curly crispy bacon in dark cooked round shapes that is ideal for burgers and rolls; bacon flakes, that can add that final touch to salads, pizzas and other snacks and best back smoked bacon for all applications.
ATLANTA -- Stop by Church's Chicken restaurants today and see the evolution of new menu options as the QSR chicken chain launches a Crispy Chicken Taco.
We love the Crispy Eggplant with Fragrant Sauce (battered eggplant, fragrant sauce, prickly ash)-you know a restaurant is good when it makes you love a vegetable you don't usually eat.
We ordered half a crispy aromatic duck with pancakes to start, followed by beef with green pepper and black bean sauce, chicken with mushrooms, lemon chicken, crispy shredded beef with chilli, two egg fried rice, a plain chow mein with sauce and some sweet and sour sauce.