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  • noun

Synonyms for crispness

a pleasing firmness and freshness

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an expressive style that is direct and to the point

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firm but easily broken

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Additionally, it has been found that ready meals made with Crisp Sensation retain their crispness and do not become soggy when kept warm for lengthy periods before being eaten.
Tesco's Peter Bexton said: "Black lager answers a beer drinker's prayer with a lager's crispness and an ale's flavour.
Great graphics bring a new crispness to the Tomb Raider series, and environments cleverly hide a host of devilishly devised puzzles to tackle.
a high level of crispness with a clean hoppy aroma and no extraneous flavours .
This versatile line of V/F/F/S baggers from LPS creates quad seal pouches, pillow fractional packs, flat bottom bags, doy bags and bag in bag with incredible crispness.
Both instrumental and sensory tests demonstrated that STRIP-N had a significantly higher crispness and lower chewiness than STRIP-W.
It has the high acidity and crispness of Pinot Grigio and a freshness only sparkling wine can give," he said.
Dish of the Year: Generously portioned salt and pepper rock cod, battered lightly to crispness, well-seasoned, tender and moist fillets.
99 with their La Chablisienne Chablis showing unoaked crispness compared to America's Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay, which shows tropical fruit and spice from barrel ageing
NEW YORK-Rich yet basic, ivory serves up a perfect backdrop for many of today's patterns, managing to emphasize the crispness of a line and help to keep it soft all at once.
Crispness is never an issue, nor is industry, let alone the machine.
The properties investigated included tension, acceleration, sharpness, softness, crispness, convexity (the opposite of "bump" or "crown"), concavity (a type of hollowness, also the opposite to convexity), and lead in.
Not ideally cast, she quickly softened her attacks without losing crispness and even seemed to relax into Balanchine's fiendish demands.
Reactive extrusion of starch foam into sheet using water as the plasticizer and blowing agent is common in making snack foods, but the resulting foam is typically stiff and brittle, adding crispness.
If stored properly, they should retain their crispness for approximately a week.