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Synonyms for crisply

in a well delineated manner


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The fog was gone, and in its place the sun sparkled crisply on the surface of the water, I turned to the east, where I knew California must lie, but could see nothing save low-lying fog-banks--the same fog, doubtless, that had brought about the disaster to the Martinez and placed me in my present situation.
A scarf of the same material sits crisply and closely round her shoulders, and a little straw hat of the natural colour, plainly and sparingly trimmed with ribbon to match the gown, covers her head, and throws its soft pearly shadow over the upper part of her face.
They know," interrupted the little man crisply, leaning against the straight chair back, which rose higher than his fragile head.
In this young sportsman, distinguished by a crisply curling auburn head and a bluff countenance, the Secretary descried the orphan.
The on-loan Leicester striker had only been on the pitch six minutes when John Miles provided the assist for Kee to finish crisply from 10 yards.
The Cowboys execute too well, prepare too thoroughly and perform too crisply as a team to be counted out of any game.
A newly accurized trigger is adjustable and calibrated to break crisply without any play.
It felt like I was hitting the ball very crisply and going for everything.
Los Angeles In one photograph, a beam of ghostly, pure white light streams from a crisply hand-rendered line drawing of a now-obsolete slide projector.
Harvest pods when they snap crisply in half, and do it regularly to prolong cropping.
A very pretty pink, it's still fresh, crisply fruity and tastes a little drier than its ripe cherry and raspberry smell suggests.
Asked whether the Duke of Edinburgh Awards would be seen as an important part of his legacy, he crisply told the BBC he couldn't care less.
An accompanying photo showed him dressed to impress, his uniform crisply ironed and adorned with medals and other military insignia.
We're not opening with the Ice Capades," he said crisply.
Placed along the north-west edge of the garden compound, the new building is a plain, two-storey volume enclosed by crisply rendered white walls.