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That's right --it's looking for the crispiest Mac 'n' Cheese, crunchiest chicken tenders, andthe most mouth-watering Apple Crisp.
Following tests, its creators found other vegetables can be used - but potatoes offer the best, crispiest results.
You get the lightest, crispiest tempura when the batter is very cold and the oil hot.
A Sometimes for the crispiest pastry you don't have to spend time making it as there are some really great pastries available in the shops now.
It was not too fatty and not the crispiest of its oeuvre, but as satisfying as ever and with offers of more pancakes and salad if wanted.
The crispiest batter of the lot, though slightly salty and a little on the greasy side.
Harper's greengrocers, Cadle's sweetshop, Bird's the chemist, Worthington's, Mrs Godfrey's cake shop (she sold the crispiest jam doughnuts ever tasted).
Take heed of the 10 steps to cooking and serving the perfect Christmas turkey below and prepare to soak up the admiration as your guests enjoy the crispiest, juiciest turkey possible.
Independent taste tests prove we have the best-tasting flame-grilled burgers and crispiest fries.
Turn it up to 450 [degrees] for the best browning, crispiest skin, and most succulent meat.
All our chicken and duck is steam-cooked first so it's tender and juicy, then flash roasted for the crispiest skin - it tastes fantastic and it's got much less fat than fried chicken.
The crackling is pig skin so we use the crispiest part - which is the ears.
Oh, the crispiest, butteriest pastry you'll ever taste.