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tender and brittle


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They found that incorporating the edible film ingredients into the predust resulted in a crispier product.
featuring bolder seasonings and crispier crunch, new tortilla popchips are an even tastier way to satisfy snack cravings.
We each had a bisected slice of toast that arrived pre-coated with margarine to the point of softness - when we would both have much preferred a smidge of butter on crispier toast.
The coating on Thai fishcakes could have been crispier, but they tasted like they had just been made, their delicate flavour complemented perfectly by the rich, sweet chilli sauce.
These natural hand-cut mini cod portions are as great tasting as other battered items in theGUINNESS Distinctive Seafood line up, but have a crispier texture and handheld shape that makes them ideal for dipping.
The bubbles break down the starch, which is said to make fish and chips taste lighter and crispier.
This helps draw out the excess moisture which should yield a crispier final result.
From the smidgen I was given to try, Louie's back bacon was a touch hard by comparison - the higher fat content of crispier streaky bacon would be a way round this, but since back bacon is also on the full English list it's clearly the meat they prefer to use here.
Place them on a baking tray sprinkled with flour, or with semolina for a crispier bottom.
They are tastier and crispier than french fries," explained Praveen Kumar, area general manager, international marketing for GCL.
I have also noticed that the quality of produce fried has improved after using the filters, becoming crispier and less greasy.
Pre-baking the crusts also makes them even crispier than usual.
The key to cooking a great roast tattie is temperature: the faster you cook, the better, the crispier, the crunchier the finish.
It's like spare ribs but it's crispier, it's called ribbe in Norwegian.
It's perfect for warming up these crispier autumn days," said Sue Featherstone of Saltburn Allotment Association.