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Synonyms for iceberg

a large mass of ice floating at sea


lettuce with crisp tightly packed light-green leaves in a firm head

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Tightly wrapped crisphead lettuce is the opposite, with only the outermost leaves exposed to the sun.
Crisphead types, which include Iceberg, are the most difficult to grow for backyard gardeners and are most suited to commercial production.
If you prefer a crunchier crisphead type then go for Mini Green which has tight, tennis ball size heads.
n Lettuce - Robinson's Lettuce, a new, crisphead variety of the Webb's Wonderful type, quick-growing yet slow to bolt when mature and resistant to mildew and root aphid.
1) Crisphead or head lettuce is by far the most widely consumed form in the United States, accounting for 95 percent of all lettuce produced and sold commercially here.
Lettuces commonly used in salad mixes are green and red loose-leaf such as 'Oak Leaf' and 'Tango'; small romaine such as 'Little Gem'; butterhead (butter or 'Bibb') such as 'Perella Red'; and crisphead such as 'Rosy'.
Each season I grow a few of all types: butterhead, leaf, crisphead and romaine.
Or try crunchy, crisphead your painting the glass Try wash off iceberg type saladin.
In trials conducted at UC Davis, crisphead, romaine and leaf lettuce were evaluated on a 4-point scale for susceptibility to Fusarium wilt.
Economic and productive behavior of production of crisphead lettuce under different irrigation depths
Summer Crisp, aka "Batavian": Think of this group as an intermediate between crisphead and loose-leaf types.
If you like crisphead types go for Webbs Wonderful, although Challenge stores better .
Crisphead lettuce includes familiar iceberg types, as well as lush and leafy Batavian, or French Crisp, varieties which have great flavor and color, and are easy to grow.
Crisphead varieties, such as 'Great Lakes', don't work well.
CRISPHEAD have larger hearts and fewer outer leaves to discard.