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wavy or notched and curled very irregularly

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cumingii is somewhat coarser, the axial pliculae more crispate and regular, and the interstices more obviously iridescent.
spores 25 days 1 m Deysher and (E) Norton (1982); Kendriek and Walker (1995) Grateloupia spores 10 km Villalard- doryphora (l) Bohnsack and Harlin (2001) Sarcothalia spores 900 m Opazo and crispate (E) Otaiza (2007) Crustose spores 900 m Opazo and corallines (E) Otaiza (2007) Fucus serratus spores 4 m Arrontes (I) (2002) Macrocystis spores 32 h 200 m Reed et al.