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wavy or notched and curled very irregularly

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cumingii is somewhat coarser, the axial pliculae more crispate and regular, and the interstices more obviously iridescent.
8 mm in diameter, densely scaly, scales lanceolate with acuminate and crispate apex, entire to ciliate at the base, light brown, 1.
discus hannai have been tested in detail by Seki (1997), and the green alga Ulva pertusa, the brown algae Hizikia fusiformis and Dictyopteris divaricata, and the red algae Carpopeltis pralifera, Callophyllis crispate, and Shizymenia dubyi successfully induce metamorphosis, whereas the red algae Pachymeniopsis elliptica and Rhodoglossum japonicum, the large brown algae Laminaria japonica, Undaria pinnatifida, Sargassum horneri, and S.
Wk-21814 Ditch infill Depth:276 Periglypta crispate Wk-21822 Depth:276 Charcoal Wk-21821 Canoe wharf TP 1:78 Charcoal Wk-21819 TP 1:136 Charcoal Wk-21820 Tombs J02 TP3: 35 Anadara sp.