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Synonyms for crippled

Synonyms for crippled

disabled in the feet or legs

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An embankment fell on some Frenchmen yesterday, and the papers are full of it today--but whether those sufferers were killed, or crippled, or bruised, or only scared is more than I can possibly make out, and yet I would just give anything to know.
She sat down in her husband's chair; and as she thought of her desire to love the friendless, crippled boy and her eager wish that he should love her--she was a barren woman and, even though it was clearly God's will that she should be childless, she could scarcely bear to look at little children sometimes, her heart ached so--the tears rose to her eyes and one by one, slowly, rolled down her cheeks.
I did not, I'll admit, make any public declaration of his existence, for the simple reason that it would have crippled our Company, and there are the interests of the shareholders to be considered, but I executed and signed a deed of partnership days ago which makes him an equal sharer in every penny I possess.
We informed the crippled gentleman, quite respectfully, that we could not allow him to be in the room at this time.
Instead of the crippled gentleman, whom I had expected to see again, there was another stranger standing outside.
But they say now he'll be crippled for life--have to go around on crutches, or in a wheel-chair.
He was crippled, ill, getting weaker every day, and Tekla the Samaritan tended him unweariedly with the pure joy of unselfish devotion.
Cash flow is known to cripple millions of small and medium enterprises around the globe, in fact Sage undertook a survey in January 2015 that showed 1 in 10 SMEs are being crippled by 'cashflow' and a staggering two-thirds of small businesses had to wait over 60 days for late payments.
Once a disease that killed and crippled tens of thousands annually, polio had been well on the way to being confined to the annals of history in the march of medical progress.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Wednesday categorically rejected the US claims that the western sanctions against Iran have crippled the country's economy.
Aseefa Bhutto Zardari has said that the fight against Polio will continue unabated till this crippling disease is wiped out from Pakistan and no child lives in a fear of being crippled for life due to this disease.
Shooting a crippled duck would seem to be a straightforward process.
On Wednesday, hackers crippled the website of Banco do Brasil SA (BBAS3.
The Speaker said that aim of the government was to make Pakistan completely polio free where no child lives in the fear of being crippled for life.
He told NINA on Wednesday that "we live in the time of crippled country, a model they want to generalize on the Arab countries; a state that cannot defend itself.