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Synonyms for crinoline

a skirt stiffened with hoops


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a full stiff petticoat made of crinoline fabric

a stiff coarse fabric used to stiffen hats or clothing

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And why, on another occasion, they rushed across the stage in their black cotton crinoline hoops on deepened the complexity of it all.
One of the first frocks to go was a royal blue period piece with pads and crinoline, worn by Rebecca Evans in Figaro.
GEORDIE Ridley wrote in The Blaydon Races about the lasses who lost their crinolines and veils that hide their faces.
Take a peek beneath the crinolines and petticoats of Victorian ladies.
At your funeral, I wore the chocolate cocktail dress tied at the waist with the rolled cord; sister chose one of your beaded sweaters; Auntie Claire, the navy suit a tribute to your walk-in closet, how you tailored your girls in yellow-checked gingham sprung wide with crinolines, velvet smocks with white collars, elbow-length gloves, sashed blue dancing frocks.
The rest of this chapter explains everything from what streets were paved with to the ordeal of stepping onto an omnibus while wearing crinolines.
Bronte provides plenty of crazy capers in crinolines.
Mead, a honey and fruit brew, is like many fine things from the past - pince nez, buttoned shoes, crinolines bigger around than VW bugs.
Hazy memories of whole afternoons spent chatting up receptionists under garish office paperchains or sitting for hours in the local pub with a "client" are now as old-fashioned as bewhiskered gentlemen with tail coats and sideburns talking to ladies in crinolines while carving the fatted goose.
Many of his texts sexualized the extremities of the female anatomy and its sartorial extrusions: corsets, crinolines, and, most especially shoes" (1991: 71).
Thousands of shoppers also lined the streets on Saturday to catch a glimpse of the ever-popular Community Carnival and Parade, this year taking a Crinolines In The Jungle theme.
The community carnival and parade will start on Stockton High Street at noon on July 31 with the curious theme Crinolines in the Jungle.
Then there were crinolines that boosted skirts to widths too great to go through doors and made them very dangerous in front of hearth fires and in high winds: they often caught fire and were known to blow ladies off their feet if a gale got beneath their frocks.
McVicar chose to keep to the traditional Viennese venue, with swirling crinolines, and sets which felt like little expense had been spared.
In her metal crinolines and dresses made of meat, in the circular intensity of her performances--which often explore a mute protagonist's interaction with a mechanistic yet intimate sculptural appendage--Sterbak makes visible the coded psychologies of fairy tale.