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Synonyms for crinoline

a skirt stiffened with hoops


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a full stiff petticoat made of crinoline fabric

a stiff coarse fabric used to stiffen hats or clothing

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And she did it all dressed in lace-up boots, a hat and a heavy crinoline dress.
You need to wear breeches or a crinoline to understand how clothes influenced how you moved, sat down and behaved.
There I see Melvin and the robins, and many a nut-brown maid sasheing to the barberry bushes in hoops and crinoline, and none of them see me.
The V-neck sheath of Alencon lace over silk organza featured cap sleeves and a chapel-length train of alternating crinoline ruffles and Alencon lace.
A crinoline gives your dress volume and vintage appeal.
One of the first frocks to go was a royal blue period piece with pads and crinoline, worn by Rebecca Evans in Figaro.
Lori Gottlieb's not only wrong, her views are as old-fashioned as a whale-bone corset and a crinoline.
There are two clues, the most outstanding being the lady in the "bulging" skirt (on the left); a crinoline cage was used for the bustle for that purpose.
And if you're not already fully spent by then maybe popping along to a talk on corsets and crinoline tickles your fancy.
Its effectiveness in changing the natural shape of a woman's figure is evident in Victorian attire, dominated by first the crinoline and then the bustle.
Firms in Smethwick manufactured bells for churches across the globe, bronze guns for the King of Siam, wire for crinoline dresses, glass for lighthouses and stylish pens for the Waldorf Hotel in New York.
3 | B & B Italia By collaborating with leading-edge designers such as Patricia Urquiola, who designed the Crinoline collection, B&B Italia is a trend-setter and design leader in indoor and outdoor furnishings worldwide.
Another day, another bloody awards ceremony, and I take my seat in the bar to await my fellow penguins and the crinoline crew.
One of Cosima's chickens rustles in,/dressed absurdly in a crinoline,/twittering to set the cracked addiction.