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Synonyms for crinkled

uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves

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Pepper crinkled his cheeks as though they had been cut in wood.
Eventually I noticed that just before Penny complained, her nose crinkled up.
The timber-frame buildings clad with crinkled, shimmering stainless steel reflect the greenery of the site completed at the end of 2008.
OUR FIRST GRANDCHILD Oh my God, what a surprise, Ginger hair and sparkling blue eyes, Wrinkled face and a crinkled nose, His dad's big feet and long, long toes, Hands that grip just like a vice, The baby smell that is so nice, Out you came weighing seven pound, Me and granny's feet can't touch the ground, To meet you at last so safe and well, It makes our hearts with love just swell, Your name is Luca and we are so proud, We'll shout it to the world so very loud, We touch your face and shed a tear, A river of joy now that you are here, The lovely package we think you are tops, So I wrote this poem your loving grandpops.
The places on which the sample was strongly crinkled are visible on the presentation as the raised parts.
These problems are overcome by crinkling it in a controlled manner before spraying insulation foam on the back of the crinkled surface.
By creasing the pattern in the right combination of mountains and valleys at the lines within each spidron arm and leaving a small hole at the center of each hexagon to allow movement, he crinkled the whole array into a dramatic three-dimensional relief.
His eyebrows get crinkled and instant skepticism sets in.
Key fabrics include faux fur, crinkled satins and velvet trims while popular autumn colours include gold, teal, chocolate and black.
The line is designed to blend textured fabrics with "elaborate rococo details" into a collection that features crinkled satin and silk bows, shimmering organza and ribbon headbands, jewel-studded bobby slides and brooches, flower and feather pins, and silk-covered ponytailers, according to company officials.
There is a bumpy "matzah" that's authentic looking right down to the browned bubbles, a wine illustration that comes alive with a shiny Bordeaux patch that's also sticky like real wine, a "leather" "Haggadah" seder-book cover, a crinkled leaf of bitter herbs, and a silky "matzah" bag, all of which combine to provide a true "touch me" experience in this toddler-proof board book.
Against David Ferri's heavenly vanilla lighting, Liz Prince's pleated, crinkled white costumes evoked Greek sculpture.
That world is obviously gone, the crinkled "hot fax" story replaced by Matt Drudge and millions of eyeballs a day.
It was then dried to form a wrinkled, hyperthin surface, rephotographed to make a negative and positive, enlarged and printed such that the negative and positive are overlaid in slight misalignment, and then mounted on a board whose edges are cut to follow the edges of the crinkled emulsion.