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uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves

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Based on the presentations of the sample surface with the software ImageJ, ink peeling-off was found on places where the sample was crinkled.
com Sophia crinkled patent clutch in vanilla and nero by Jill Stuart, $195, www.
Moreover, spidron patterns can be not only crinkled into reliefs but also assembled into novel three-dimensional crystal-like forms with spiral, polygonal faces.
Key fabrics include faux fur, crinkled satins and velvet trims while popular autumn colours include gold, teal, chocolate and black.
The line is designed to blend textured fabrics with "elaborate rococo details" into a collection that features crinkled satin and silk bows, shimmering organza and ribbon headbands, jewel-studded bobby slides and brooches, flower and feather pins, and silk-covered ponytailers, according to company officials.
There is a bumpy "matzah" that's authentic looking right down to the browned bubbles, a wine illustration that comes alive with a shiny Bordeaux patch that's also sticky like real wine, a "leather" "Haggadah" seder-book cover, a crinkled leaf of bitter herbs, and a silky "matzah" bag, all of which combine to provide a true "touch me" experience in this toddler-proof board book.
Against David Ferri's heavenly vanilla lighting, Liz Prince's pleated, crinkled white costumes evoked Greek sculpture.
That world is obviously gone, the crinkled "hot fax" story replaced by Matt Drudge and millions of eyeballs a day.
Before gluing the wrapping paper to the mat, I crinkled and wadded it up to give it more of an aged look.
It was then dried to form a wrinkled, hyperthin surface, rephotographed to make a negative and positive, enlarged and printed such that the negative and positive are overlaid in slight misalignment, and then mounted on a board whose edges are cut to follow the edges of the crinkled emulsion.
Madonna wore a sensationally crinkled hairstyle for her video to I Feel and, since then, the hairdressing world has been in a spin trying to recreate the look.
The feel is dreamlike, with a combination of textured fabrics including puckered, crinkled and pleated cotton and silk looks translated from the runway, and soft, updated patterns.
The iron skimmed the crinkled sheets until her wail stilled me and made even steam seem heavy.
Wet oil is introduced into a vacuum vessel where it is distributed over a large surface or sprayed over tower packing or crinkled wire mesh at temperatures of approximately 70-80 [degrees] C (158-176 [degrees] F).
SafeSHIELD coated fasteners were developed to provide welcome relief to anyone who suffers the torn papers, finger cuts and crinkled metal of traditional fasteners.