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fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines

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A close-range effort from prop Sam Cringle for Edinburgh left the score at 27-8 at the break.
It's one of "Beau Jest's" in-jokes, another being that her real boyfriend's name is Chris Cringle.
Melbourne, Feb 13 ( ANI ): Marny Cringle, who lost her leg after falling beneath a train on the London Tube in December 1996, has been chosen for a remarkable bionic leg that will fuse on to living muscles and bones to become a natural extension of her body.
4bn) within five years from about USD15bn currently, Nick Cringle, co-head of global wealth management investing, told Bloomberg yesterday.
The investment team, led by global co-CIOs Gayle Schumacher in London and Nick Cringle in Hong Kong, highlighted the following risks and opportunities for investors in 2011:
In the Premier, Blue Anchor with Shawn White, Jake Doyle and Dean Hart on target, beat Obiter 3-1 and JOB and Home & Bargain lost ground on the leaders after drawing , Cringle and Ross McDowall finding the net in a 1-1 outcome.
But the Sky Blues boss was the first to admit his side's slice of luck when ref Raymond Cringle failed to blow for a penalty before half-time.
Big lenders who made the list also include Victoria, Lady de Rothschild, former treasurer, pounds 1million' Raymond Richards (deceased), pounds 1million' Henry Angest, treasurer, pounds 550,000 and Cringle Corporation, pounds 450,000.
66-67) </pre> <p>As Rutherford's comment on Cringle implies, who sees what in whom (in particular, who sees himself in whom) is a pivotal question in Middle Passage.
One time, for instance, Daddy asked her who Chris Cringle was and she said, "That guy who makes potato chips?
As the white mate Cringle points out, echoing Frederick Douglass in invoking America's revolutionary history, "to be a Yank is to be mutinous.
And even though Calhoun fails to execute Cringle, the Allmuseri still accept him as their intermediary (but not, again, as one of them).
I've never seen a dog cringle like that and it made me uncomfortable.
Now in its 58th year, Toys for Tots has helped pick up the slack when Chris Cringle isn't able to reach every child's home.
And with me slavishly following the guide's directions, we followed the contour path around Cringle Moor, ending up at instruction number five: "Turn sharp right before the stream and climb up the steep bank on the Cleveland Way.