crimson clover

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southern European annual with spiky heads of crimson flower

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The effect of seedling rate and row spacing on seed yield on Crimson clover in southern Italy.
Crimson clover which grows in different types of soil is intolerant to drought but tolerates strong winds, it flowers in early spring, is a perfect green fertiliser, grows rapidly, is used for soil regeneration together with other plants, is resistant to root fungus and with some soil bacteria makes symbiosis and evolves nitrogen (Williams, Bartholomew 2009).
2, after 6 weeks of experiments timothy grass and white clover did not germinate in soil contaminated with mixtures, and only one seed of crimson clover germinated in soil contaminated with solution Safecote of 10% and Ca[Cl.
Structure of leaves and stems of arrowleaf and crimson clovers as related to in vitro digestibility.
DeHart is showcasing Trifolium incarnatum or crimson clover, as a blood red, carefree ground cover.
In a trial in crimson clover, the dust tracked in by bees killed 74 to 87 percent of the earworm larvae present -- six to seven times the earworm mortality observed in a field pollinated by undusted bees.
Now, bed after bed of untrampled crimson clover, entangled by vines of blue-flowered hairy vetch, adorn the grounds beneath the stately, spreading trees.
Instead, rows of gnarled dormant vines juxtapose with the brilliant colors of yellow mustard blooms, purple lupine, crimson clover, and emerald-green native grasses carpeting misty hills - indicating that it's officially Cabernet Season(TM) in the Napa Valley.
They use compost and cover crops like crimson clover and mustard to replenish the soil.
To this end, he and ARS research technician Calvin Vick at the Oxford lab have been evaluating several soil-building legumes for winter hardiness and their ability to reseed earlier than traditional cover crops like crimson clover.
Locals, particularly in the Knights Valley of Sonoma County, can't remember when they were treated to such vivid carpets of lupine and crimson clover.
You could follow the same routine to improve native soil, digging 3 inches of manure into the top 10 to 12 inches of each bed before planting, then sowing fall cover crops of crimson clover, rye, buckwheat, or hairy vetch, all to be tilled under before spring planting.
The crimson clover began to disappear right out of the pots," Springer recalls.
Joining Limerick Potato Ale is the Crimson Clover Irish Red, a luscious light ruby-red ale with a clean finish.
Gross, an entomologist with ARS in Tifton, Georgia, was watching honey bees busily foraging for nectar in a field of crimson clover.