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Synonyms for crimp

to make irregular folds in, especially by pressing or twisting

a line or an arrangement made by the doubling of one part over another

Synonyms for crimp

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

someone who tricks or coerces men into service as sailors or soldiers

a lock of hair that has been artificially waved or curled

make ridges into by pinching together


curl tightly

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They also created a self-folding light detector by adding copper wires and photodiodes to the flat tape before gluing it to the crimped tape.
Not just a crust-less and circular sandwich, but one with sealed edges - crimped, sealed edges.
They are fed ad-lib crimped mix, starting with barley then on to triticale.
While this solution looked promising, the crimped splices on the cable assembly didn't meet the company's 80 lb tensile requirement.
Loop hair around a bobby pin, and guide the beads up and over a strand of hair (the crimped sections of hair will hold the beads in place).
Crimped hair: Over the past few years crimped hair has been in and out of fashion.
Ideal for contract manufacturers and harness houses, the Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester from Molex measures accurate pull strengths on a wide range of crimped terminals and wires, providing consistent verification of crimp pull force and reducing potential quality issues.
As crimped hair makes a comeback on the catwalks, Mirror columnist and celebrity hair stylist Andrew Barton tells us how we can get the look at home.
Whether you utilize folded or rolled crimps, the crimped portion of a plastic shotshell finally needs a bit of periodic restoration.
A system based on one of these stands, a force gauge or loadcell, and appropriate fixtures and accessories can be used to measure pull-off resistance of crimped electrical connectors; peel strength of induction-sealed foils and adhesive films or labels; characteristic forces and deflections of switches and keypads; top-load strength of bevcans, PET bottles and other containers; insertion and withdrawal forces of connectors, fasteners, blades/needles or corks; and performance of compression springs, tension springs and spring assemblies.
Potter & Soar, the UK's leading manufacturer of architectural wire mesh, has recently launched Solaris, an innovative pre-crimped wire mesh pattern that combines a vertical crimped weave with flat horizontal wires to create a slatted Venetian blind effect.
This patent is for a polyester fiber tow made up of crimped polyester fibers that have substantially uniform primary crimps and substantially uniform secondary crimps.
The company said the weaker performance stemmed from intense price competition in the industry that has crimped revenues.
With friction-welded ends, engineers now can use tubular bars in a variety of applications which are unavailable with crimped ends.
Pre-Qualification: Manufacturing of crimped pipe line assembly with braided rubber hose.