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the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior and law enforcement

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But many works of fine scholarship appear, are ignored, and are relegated to the criminological dustbin.
It would have been useful for the themes--such as difficulties with the nature and amount of existing criminological data, and economic problems with criminal justice and other policy interventions--that are apparent throughout the book to have been brought together for discussion in a conclusion.
Two significant examples vis-a-vis Hagan and Rymond-Richmond's stated project, are: Ruggiero's 2005 article "Criminalizing War: Criminology as Ceasefire" (in Social and Legal Studies), which provides examples of how engaging war crimes with criminological theories can arrive at a theoretically informed pacifism; and, G.
The programme offers graduate students advance course work in theory and practice, and cutting edge analytical skills that enable them to both conduct and understand criminological research.
Executives who strip corporations of money for their own use (called "looting control frauds" in criminological circles) use accounting fraud as a weapon of choice to inflate income and net worth.
The Stockholm Prize in Criminology is awarded for "outstanding achievements in criminological research or for the application of research results by practitioners for the reduction of crime and the advancement of human rights.
Volume 15 of the Advances in Criminological Theory series, Taking Stock: The Status Of Criminological Theory is an anthology of scholarly essays by various learned authors.
Despite receiving criticism for the routine activity theory's simplistic approach, (1) many researchers applied it to various criminological studies from stalking to narcotics trafficking.
In her discussion of the relationship between violence and the sublime Gomel draws as much upon poststructuralist theory as she does criminological data.
Content will carry articles, research and essays that focus on crime and broadly defined justice-related topics and will include information on such topics as corrections, policing, courts and procedure, juvenile justice, legal issues, criminological issues, white collar/corporate crime, family/domestic violence and critical criminology.
Dr Christian Pfeiffer, of the Criminological Research Institute in Hanover, said: "TV and computers rob them of time spent playing, doing sport and having fun.
Biko Agozino, author of Counter-Colonial Criminology: A Critique of Imperialist Reason, examines the judiciary, specifically criminological, history of the world, and ultimately blames criminologists' silence for dealing an unfair human history.
Gender and Criminological Theorizing," researchers address the interaction of gender and crime from a theoretical prospective focusing specifically on emerging feminist criminological theory.
Although this criminological metaphysic of terrorism is evident in some Islamic terrorists, it is not confined to any one religion or belief system.
Caimari uses data from mid twentieth-century Argentine criminological studies in which prisoners tried to describe their pre-imprisonment lives in such a way as to appear suitable for rehabilitation.