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in a shameful manner

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Tuttle was suffering from bipolar-type schizoaffective disorder at the time of the fire and was not criminally responsible for his behavior.
The prosecution said that it means that the Olympic athlete was criminally responsible for his actions when he shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp dead last year on Valentine's Day.
South African Olympic and Paralympic track starOscarPistoriuswas ordered on Tuesday to undergo a month of psychiatric tests to find out whether he was criminally responsible when he shot dead his girlfriend on Valentine's Day last year.
That's clearly criminally bad behavior--Mazyck is scheduled to report to federal prison this week--but he wasn't really a politician, so I won't rate him on the Moritz Scale.
In it they claim that holding 10-year-olds criminally liable is a breach of international children's human rights standards and urge the Government to review its position.
com/2012/07/27/american-horror-story-exclusive-bourne-actress-franka-potente/) TVLine , Potente has scored the role of a "mysterious patient" at the institute for the criminally insane.
Defence counsel Geir Lippestad said: "Breivik wishes to be punished for his actions - that is, to be treated as criminally sane by the court.
She went on trial at the Provincial Court in Girona, north-east Spain, so a jury can determine whether she is criminally responsible for the children's deaths.
Norway: A new psychiatric probe of Anders Behring Breivik found that the man who killed 77 people last July was criminally responsible, a Norwegian daily reported Tuesday.
But, Gerard added, it must be followed by holding Massey Energy officials criminally liable for their recklessness.
The war crimes court threw out the charges against Abu Garda after a pre-trial chamber ruled he could not be held criminally responsible for intentionally directing the attack.
District Judge John Stobart described Matthew Single's decision to publish the names and contact details of some 12,000 BNP party members as "foolish and criminally dangerous".
A psychiatric evaluation by prosecutors has found that an 18-year-old male can be held criminally responsible for the alleged murders of his mother and two siblings in Aomori Prefecture in January, sources closes to the case said Friday.
Criminally prosecuting women with drug abuse problems who decide to carry their pregnancies to term "flies in the face" of good medicine and health, according to APHA.
A Linn County judge has acquitted a Eugene man charged with criminally negligent homicide in a traffic accident that took the life of an off-duty Marion County sheriff's deputy in a five-car crash on Interstate 5 south of Albany in June 2005.