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The argument is that laws criminalizing a population like the gay community push them underground, reducing their demand for HIV-AIDS prevention and treatment services which increases risks and enables the spread of the virus.
He said the bill would complement a law criminalizing domestic violence recently passed by Parliament, and was upbeat that lawmakers would support his proposal.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which advocates for free speech on the Internet, criticized revenge porn legislation for criminalizing "victimless instances," and other groups have cautioned against legislation that is overbroad.
We really want the adoption by the new parliament of a law criminalizing French colonialism," Said Abadou told Radio Algerie Internationale.
By criminalizing a particular type of lie, no matter how despicable, Congress opened the door to criminalizing other kinds of lies.
parties on criminalizing French colonialism of Algeria between 1830-1962.
Special Envoy of Russia's President to the Middle East and Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Sultanov hailed the fatwa (religious edict) issued by Saudi Arabia's Senior Scholars' Commission on criminalizing terrorism financing.
In June 2008, the NCCM proposed a new child law to the People's Assembly that included a clause to be added to Article 7, criminalizing Female Genital Mutilation procedures and setting a prison sentence of three months to two years or a fine ranging between LE 1,000- and 5,000.
The proposed law aims at criminalizing all forms of adultery even if voluntary," he said.
One can logically and morally believe that abortion is wrong and still oppose criminalizing that conduct.
And criminalizing mere speech, no matter how odious, violates the freedom of expression on which American democracy depends.
The conviction raises--again--the issue of the propriety of criminalizing inaccurate statements to investigators.
Nonetheless, Truth, Torture and the American Way is well documented with twenty cases and a variety of torture techniques, highly informative in its historical approach, and has the virtue of deconstructing an otherwise accepted myth that survives on criminalizing few scapegoats.
20 billion wall while criminalizing illegal status is a poor substitute for immigration policy.
The purpose of coining that term was to lay the predicate for pathologizing, and eventually criminalizing, a negative view of homosexuality, as well as other politically incorrect attitudes.