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noting that the Constitution prohibits and criminalizes that.
Summary: A Libyan rights group said on Wednesday it will mount a challenge in the supreme court against laws which criminalize the glorification of Gaddafi's regime.
Utah's unconscionable new immigration law actually criminalizes sharing a home with an undocumented person, even if that person is a partner or spouse," said Victoria Neilson, the group's legal director.
Although the new law criminalizes female circumcision, girls in the Egyptian countryside still undergo these operations," he concluded.
If Civic Endurance expresses the physical stamina required of these youths, many of whom dedicated their performances to recently deceased friends, it's also a tribute to the staying power of the homeless, who in Seattle are forced to suffer a law that criminalizes standing in place on the street, and to endurance performance works of the '70s, now put to sociopolitical effect.
For the first time in our nation's history, a federal law criminalizes abortion procedures.
This story--inspired by the true life events of the sorors of Delta Sigma Theta at the University of Pennsylvania--speaks to the miscarriage of justice that criminalizes people lot, as Lattany writes, "believing they can get justice [by taking] on an institution and the country's entire white establishment.
As recent events have disclosed, the Roman Catholic Church itself has nurtured, enabled, and shielded from prosecution a number of pedophiles, practitioners of one of the few sexual perversions even the libertarian standard criminalizes.
Discrimination in child removal criminalizes pove rty-stricken parents of color, just as so-called homeland security measures criminalize immigrants of a certain stripe.
It adopted the Strasbourg Convention in November 1990, [32] which, like the Vienna Convention, requires each party to adopt legislation that criminalizes money laundering.
The CAN SPAM Act provides new enforcement tools for e-mail and Internet service providers (ISPs) and criminalizes specific tactics spammers use to spread junk e-mail.
December 22 2011 (TUR) -- Leader of opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Devlet Bahceli said Thursday that the adoption of a resolution at the French Parliament that criminalizes the rejection of Armenian allegations pertaining to the incidents of 1915 was a big scandal and a black mark in history.
Summary: Metn MP Ghassan Moukheiber said Wednesday that religious figures who earlier opposed legislation that criminalizes domestic violence are beginning to change their stance.
Summary: A draft law that criminalizes voluntary adultery in Egypt was not approved by parliament after being rejected by the relevant bodies.
In the wake of September 11 and the Patriot Act, Cole has continued to fight an emboldened federal government as it criminalizes dissent and denies prisoners of the "war on terror" their most basic legal rights.