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He called the religious leaders of Sunni and Shiite, to criminalize the IS and militias for committing crimes against the Iraqi people, noting that the IS organization powered by some parties / unnamed / and possesses a large arsenal of weapons and military vehicles.
BEIRUT: MP Ghassan Moukheiber submitted an urgent draft law to Parliament Tuesday that would criminalize sexual harassment and racist abuse, saying the legislation was needed after allegations emerged against Beirut's former acting governor last month.
One of them criminalizes the glorification of slain strongman Gaddafi, his regime or relatives.
The Anti-Burqa Movement in Western Europe' examines the European movement against face veiling, and the legislation being passed to criminalize it.
In the past the Treachery Act was used to criminalize all regime officials connected to the deposed King Farouk, punishing all politically corrupt officials who held public positions by sacking them from their posts and banning them from political activity for five years.
Utah's unconscionable new immigration law actually criminalizes sharing a home with an undocumented person, even if that person is a partner or spouse," said Victoria Neilson, the group's legal director.
ExcelAire said in a statement that "to criminalize this accident investigation runs counter to the safety of the international flying public" and predicted the police would be subject to "worldwide criticism.
Government intervention and meddling in the economic market limit choices, criminalize peaceful exchanges, and require further meddling.
Less controversial is American Humanist Association President Mel Lipman's radical call for the repeal of laws in twenty-four states that criminalize adultery.
To pour salt into the wounds, more and more bishops are now trespassing into the arena of politics and insisting on impugning the consciences of Catholic candidates and legislators who don't denounce abortion or criminalize its use by withholding the sacraments from them.
Diplomacy has led to the international community voicing their collective will to criminalize terrorism, its safe havening, and its financing in United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 and the twelve international conventions and protocols against terrorism which, in coordination with US Executive Order 13224, have frozen $120 million in over 167 countries.
Should we follow the standards of the Christian right and criminalize anything but prrocreative intramarital inter-course?
Thus, one obvious reason to continue to criminalize these drugs is simply that many persons deterred by the law from using them will thereby be spared serious injury.
Discrimination in child removal criminalizes pove rty-stricken parents of color, just as so-called homeland security measures criminalize immigrants of a certain stripe.