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legislation that makes something illegal

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Poverty, Regulation & Social Justice: Readings on the Criminalization of Poverty (Winnipeg and Black Point: Fernwood Publishing 2010)
BEIRUT: Amendments to the draft law against domestic violence, including the removal of the criminalization of marital rape, were slammed by the gender rights organization KAFA (Enough Violence and Discrimination) Wednesday.
The renewed interest in this question is fueled by a contemporary growth of criminalization and punishment.
It is extremely important to learn about the current HIV criminalization laws, how they have been applied and how we as a community should respond.
No subject in the area of criminal justice has been as overwhelming in the past years as the criminalization of mental illness.
She then highlighted three main problems: The sexual exploitation of young women through so-called "temporary marriage," the criminalization of the victims of trafficking and the need to address lack of education and poverty as the main reasons to human trafficking.
According to Pasko, the criminalization response is a relatively new development that emerged in the context of the 2003 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).
We believe such investigations would amount to a criminalization of politics and prove both a distraction to this administration and damaging for the nation.
Prohibitionist policies based on the eradication of production and on the disruption of drug flows as well as on the criminalization of consumption have not yielded the expected results," the ex-presidents say.
2) It was of more use when a central concern of overcriminalization was the criminalization of non-mainstream sexual practices.
This paper focuses on two aspects of the institutionalized mistreatment of people with HIV: 1) the criminalization of their consensual sexual conduct; and 2) the elimination of informed and documented consensual participation in their diagnosis through reliance on mandatory and opt-out testing policies.
She focuses primarily on the psychiatric experimentation with the drug as a potential therapeutic agent that took place in small cities and towns in Saskatchewan, Canada, as well as some other places, but also discusses how the growing cultural popularity of the drug among Baby Boomers and the "counterculture" inspired moral panic which helped seal the image of LSD as dangerous and led to its criminalization.
The strongest support came from 18- to 29-year-olds; 57% favored criminalization, reported the DPA, which advocates medical treatment for drug use and is about to launch a public service campaign on the potential unintended consequences of a cigarette ban.
Springer said the "practical importance of the subject is obvious, especially at a time when western governments are having to reconsider their rationales for criminalization and sentencing in the light of substantial changes in criminal justice systems and their social contexts.