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The proposal comes in line with a law on criminalising and combating the smuggling of subsidised oil by-products, which was implemented in June.
However, enshrining the freedom of conscience and criminalising accusations of apostasy in the Article 6 of the Constitution are offensive to the people and their identity," he added, according to the same source.
The Irish Government is committed to reducing the spread of HIV but by criminalising buyers it will drive sex work underground away from essential health services which help prevent the spread of HIV.
Proposals to fine youngsters who refuse to stay in education or training until they are 18 risk criminalising them, ministers have been warned.
Could the think tank start addressing real and worthy issues, such as making criminals the criminal instead of criminalising the law abiding?
Criminalising cannabis use is not only illogical, but deeply damaging, it criminalises millions and pours billions into the coffers of organised crime.
Speaking at a meeting organised by the drugs charity Release, Bolton MP Dr Iddon said: "It is ridiculous that we are criminalising young people for using soft drugs.
Some western powers including Australia called for further cuts to funding to nations like Nigeria and Uganda, which have laws criminalising homosexuality, others have criticised these western nations for making such threats.
But campaigners warned that criminalising squatting in residential buildings would lead to a rise in some of the most vulnerable homeless people sleeping rough.
In February 2009 the Burundian senate overwhelmingly voted against a draft bill criminalising homosexuality, but in March the lower house of parliament reversed the decision, and President Nkurunziza signed it into law in April.
It is faster, it is cheaper and all the evidence suggests that it is going to be more effective if we deal with bad behaviour in situ instead of criminalising children by bringing them before the courts," Mr Morgan told BBC Radio 4's The World at One.
More forward-thinking governments throughout Europe are now beginning to recognise that criminalising addicts kills them.
Just hours before AMs voted on a motion to ask the Gov-ernment to scrap the defence of "lawful chastisement" for the offence of assaulting a child, Deputy Social Services Minister Gwenda Thomas said the administration had no intention of criminalising parents.