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BRUSSELS, June 2 (KUNA) -- EU High Representative Catherine Ashton Sunday expressed concern that Nigerian law makers have voted to accept a bill that would criminalise same sex marriage.
Islamist lawyers Hamed Seddik and Youssef Al-Badry had filed a lawsuit to the Administrative Court in 2008 demanding the cancellation of Law 242 of the Penal Code, which criminalises FGM.
The legislation criminalises threatening or offensive behaviour.
He out posts primarily seen The will be and an Backers not stop preaching, of speech criticise Nor, they criminalise abou?
Threatening communications This will criminalise threats of violence and threats said to incite religious hatred.
George Lyon, deputy minister for finance and public service reform, said: "The current legal situation criminalises only women who sell sexual services - not the men who buy the services.
If there is no law that criminalises such cases, then the police have no authorisation to do anything," she said.
The police cannot do anything now if a child is kidnapped by either divorced parent, because there is no law that criminalises such actions.
Bahrain needs a family law immensely, because there is no law to criminalise such actions, or abuse within the family, said Dr Bu Zaboon.