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Additionally, the sign is sometimes raised in international conferences, "an insult to the country's dignity", and so it should be criminalised, he added.
History tells us that 4,000 British volunteers went to Spain to fight in the Spanish civil war and, when they returned, they were not criminalised.
In further legislation to govern the country's transition, the NTC criminalised the glorification of Kadhafi or his regime.
Government adviser Eric Carlin has resigned from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, (ACMD) following unease about the speed with which Mephedrone was criminalised.
Comment OF THE DAY AAMER Anwar was absolutely correct when he said Mohammed Atif Siddique's was criminalised for thought crime.
Not only are international Scout jamborees and school foreign exchanges threatened, but "unregistered" parents who take their children to playgrounds are liable to be criminalised.
Will the little old lady who delivers Christmas gifts to the elderly and housebound also be criminalised because she happens to be "unregistered"?
It added: "There is a good deal of anecdotal evidence that behaviour, particularly that of children and young people, is being criminalised.
Under the new rules, a breach of a non-molestation order designed to protect from harassment or violence, will be criminalised, carrying a prison sentence of up to five years.
This new law gives extra teeth to victims, and they now have the added confidence that the matter will only be criminalised if the order is breached.
A Department for Education and Skills spokeswoman said: "The government has sent a clear message to parents that they will not be criminalised for bringing up their children in a supportive disciplinary environment and are able to consider smacking as part of that.
BEGGING children must not be criminalised under new legislation protecting members of the public, it was claimed yesterday.
Leanbh manager Adriana Fechete said: "Children who beg or their parents or guardians must not be criminalised under the new legislation.
As a result, young people were being unnecessarily criminalised for minor incidents which would in the past have been dealt with in the classroom or the care home.
The chief executive of Birmingham's largest sexual health advisory clinic has criticised proposed antipaedophile laws, saying they criminalised 'normal, natural behaviour'.