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Nigeria's parliament on Thursday passed a bill which criminalises same-sex marriages with prison terms of up to 14 years.
The World Medical Association deplores any attempt to criminalise physicians who are pursuing their basic civil rights.
One of the Lords proposed an amendment to underline that this law would not criminalise those who expressed disapproval of, or urged others to move away from, homosexual practice.
Labour MP Dr Brian Iddon - who is chairman of the all-party Drugs Misuse Group - said: "It doesn't make sense to criminalise cannabis use.
He out posts primarily seen The will be and an Backers not stop preaching, of speech criticise Nor, they criminalise abou?
However, the new offence will not criminalise squatting in commercial and other non-residential buildings.
The Alternative Traders of Ireland staged demos in Cork and Dublin to protest at new laws to criminalise some substances sold in headshops.
The requirement to wear a tag is an attempt by PSNI/ RUC to criminalise republicans and will be resisted.
The only parts of the law that criminalise any sexual act prohibit sex between unmarried persons, resulting in many alleged rape victims being accused of breaking the law.
Bahrain needs a family law immensely, because there is no law to criminalise such actions, or abuse within the family, said Dr Bu Zaboon.
Julie-Lyon Taylor, who is also the union's Merseyside executive member, said the airport-style devices to detect knives would criminalise all pupils.
But victims are often unwilling to criminalise their partners by calling in the police to investigate.
The New Mexico Supreme Court in the USA has confirmed that legislation intended to protect children should not be used to criminalise pregnant women.
In this country we criminalise children at an early age.
New laws which came into force at midnight allow mild smacking but criminalise any physical punishment which causes visible bruising.