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a lawsuit alleging violations of criminal law by the defendant

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The violation of trademark (counterfeiting) has non-cognizable offence (99-107) and may punished more the 2 years or 50 thousands fine or both in criminal suit and available in the form of damages and compensation in civil remedies.
The Berlin state prosecutor is still evaluating Bahls's criminal suit.
The company will pay $92 million as penalty for the criminal suit and $45 million in civil damages to the U.
After these developments, highly damaging to the MFCU, and within two hours after I testified on behalf of my wife before the state Legislative Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, the AG and the MFCU in apparent desperation filed a criminal suit against my wife.
Generally speaking, if documents in a criminal suit have been released on YouTube and to the public, then that is a .
The criminal suit can result in a jail sentence whereas the civil lawsuit s main purpose is winning monetary damages against a defendant.
Its investigation is a civil suit not a criminal suit which means that the death of the individual concerned does not end potential proceedings.
He is a fugitive because he is a defendant in a criminal suit pending in the Bhopal District Court but has not been extradited to stand trial.
The priest's sister, Eva Llido, filed the criminal suit against Pinochet, one of scores of cases stemming from human rights abuses during his dictatorship.
Witness the way he got the Marsh board to force out Jeffrey Greenberg as chief executive with the threat--implied or otherwise--of bringing a criminal suit against the company unless Greenberg left.
In defending themselves from the criminal suit, as well as the more than 40 civil suits in which the men have been named defendants, the Rigas family expects to incur significant legal expenses.
In addition to the criminal suit, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a separate suit, seeking millions in restitution.
If, however, the employees are named in a criminal suit, there are more substantial questions of conflict in joint representation, and in those cases it is likely that employees would have to retain their own criminal counsel.
They were found guilty in a criminal suit in May last year and Ichikawa was forced to serve a 14-month prison term.
Within a month, more than 300 workers--including Sanchez--had lost their jobs, and the company had filed a criminal suit against the union leaders.