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a lawsuit alleging violations of criminal law by the defendant

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The violation of trademark (counterfeiting) has non-cognizable offence (99-107) and may punished more the 2 years or 50 thousands fine or both in criminal suit and available in the form of damages and compensation in civil remedies.
He is a fugitive because he is a defendant in a criminal suit pending in the Bhopal District Court but has not been extradited to stand trial.
The priest's sister, Eva Llido, filed the criminal suit against Pinochet, one of scores of cases stemming from human rights abuses during his dictatorship.
They were found guilty in a criminal suit in May last year and Ichikawa was forced to serve a 14-month prison term.
The civil lawsuit follows a criminal suit filed by Justice a few years ago based on a spill of 960,000 gallons of petroleum into the Reedy River in South Carolina.
Within a month, more than 300 workers--including Sanchez--had lost their jobs, and the company had filed a criminal suit against the union leaders.
Three American servicemen publicly apologized Thursday before a central Philippine court for attacking up a Filipino taxi driver, who agreed to drop a criminal suit he had filed against the sailors.
Itoyama also hinted at filing a criminal suit, saying, "The incident was a blunder that cannot be settled by resignations or dismissals alone.
The Madrid-based environmental group Aedenat is considering a criminal suit against Acerinox, the CSN and the foreign suppliers of the cesium.
A litigant should not be allowed to make use of the liberal discovery procedures applicable to a civil suit as a dodge to avoid the restrictions on criminal discovery and thereby obtain documents he would not otherwise be entitled to for use in his criminal suit.
This is increasingly important to banks in the wake of consumer privacy concerns and a Minnesota criminal suit that threatens to trigger regulatory action against banks sharing customer information with third-party marketers.
Harassed by the calls, Seth has now planned to file a criminal suit against PepsiCo.
A criminal suit was rejected due to insufficient evidence
In March, Calderon filed a criminal suit against Fujimori charging him with abandoning his duties as president.
The Philippine prosecution filed a criminal suit Wednesday against a Japanese real estate developer and his five Filipino associates over a 1999 housing collapse that claimed the lives of 58 people.