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a list of crimes for which an accused person has been previously convicted


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The data is integrated with the Criminal Record Office (CRO) and the Police Station Record Management System (PSRMS) and if a tenant with criminal record rents a house, a notification is sent to police officials who are able take action if required.
BEIRUT: The revelation that the suspected killer of British Embassy employee Rebecca Dykes had a criminal record has raised the question of how he was able to obtain a Lebanese taxi license.
According to the criminal record, the deceased were drug peddlers and wanted by the police in some cases too.
We further request a full review of military records and databases to ensure criminal records in other cases have been reported correctly.
Manitoba's legislation--The Human Rights Code--does not list criminal record as a protected ground (CCSM c H175); however, the Manitoba Human Rights Commission will accept complaints on this basis (Policy #I-12, effective August 16 2002; online
But while the Trump Administration initially said it would focus on undocumented immigrants with criminal records, the figures show the reverse is true.
Capital police has prepared al most 75 per cent criminal record of criminals with the help of NADRA whereas records of others are undergoing.
Jacobs tries to catalog and comment on every aspect of criminal record keeping in America.
Noting that an individualsAE criminal record is available to anyone, including employers, landlords, and others, this study illuminates the serious consequences that the public availability of individual criminal history records has for our criminal justice system and for our society.
If Ed Miliband becomes PM in May, Labour will introduce new rules to force anyone who wants to be a UK citizen to produce criminal record disclosure documents from overseas.
They are investigating claims that MSP Sandra White was wrongly told a constituent had a serious criminal record by an officer.
Canadian travellers with a criminal record who attempt to cross the U.
Devah Pager, a professor of sociology at Princeton University, found that many employers are not only loathe to hire black ex-offenders but actually view a criminal record as more serious in black applicants than their white counterparts.
Abu Dhabi: You can now shop and also get a criminal record certificate at Marina Mall shopping centre.