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a list of crimes for which an accused person has been previously convicted


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However, the relevant rationale underlying mandatory criminal record checks as a pre-requisite to employment is occupational health and safety law.
People with criminal records have no place in a force that wants to be taken seriously, let alone trusted by the society it serves.
Current rules of disclosure require interviewees to declare a criminal record during the recruitment process and this can present a significant barrier to employment.
Child custody: Child custody and visitation rights may be reduced or eliminated because of a criminal record.
Analysis of the criminal backgrounds of benefit claimants showed that 33 per cent of Britons claiming Jobseeker's Allowance have a criminal record, The Telegraph reports.
ITV say they knew pounds 1million winner Nathan Hageman had a criminal record but that he was "eligible to take part under the terms and conditions".
Canadians who require their criminal record sealed can visit the Record Suspension Services walk-in center to get information and speak to a consultant, visit online (http://www.
Another way in which the state identity theft laws differ with respect to criminal record identity theft is how repeat offenders are punished.
A Canadian Pardon, may be granted five years after the end of a sentence seals a Canadian criminal record and protects against discrimination affecting employment, bonding, licensing, certification, travel, volunteering, enrolment in educational institutes and more.
Gooch, who resigned last summer after his past was discovered, says he didn't want to advertise his criminal record.
New York City-based Verified Person has created an automated search system that alerts employers when employees or contractors acquire a criminal record during the course of their employment.
A Salinas truck driver with no prior criminal record goes to police after causing a Thanksgiving Day crash near Gorman that killed a father and son.
Criminal record checks on 19-year-old Emma Budd, from Maesteg, twice claimed she had two convictions for theft, despite never having been arrested.
The process began last year with more than 1,000 criminal record checks already complete.