criminal conversation

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extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations

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These affiliations were highlighted by notorious cases involving performers such as the 1739 criminal conversation trial in which the actor Theophilus Cibber sued a gentleman, William Sloper, for adultery with his wife, the actress Susannah Cibber.
This is apparent, for example, in relation to the criminal conversation trial, with which the adultery "panic" of the 1790s has been primarily identified.
22) Both Erskine and Kenyon were able to amplify the meanings of adultery partly because of the nature of the criminal conversation trial itself.
While concurring with Binhammer's analysis in the main, I would qualify it in two ways: first, the regulatory effects of the discourses at work in the criminal conversation trial, especially under Kenyon and Erskine, were perhaps not as coherent as she suggests.
Kenyon and Erskine exaggerated the abjection of the adulteress intrinsic to criminal conversation trials in order to counter the apparent indomitability of the fashionable adulteress of the 1780s and demonstrate the threat which adultery represented to the family and the social order in the wake of the French Revolution.
These lawsuits involve claims for alienation of affection and criminal conversation.
Unlike alienation of affection, a cause of action for criminal conversation does require proof of adultery between the defendant and the plaintiff's spouse.
In North Carolina, the statute of limitations for both alienation of affection and criminal conversation is three years.
The possibility of realizing a sizeable damage award in North Carolina based upon causes of action for alienation of affection and/or criminal conversation remains.
The exposure of public sphere assaults on individuals depended on assigning morally questionable intentions to individual or private acts, a dependence also necessary to the trade in criminal conversation or adultery narratives.
For a woman, the figurative charge of criminal conversation was whatever would single her out for publicized attack, whether in the law court, the press, or political cartoons, tarnishing her forever.
Because divorce was nearly impossible and necessitated proving criminal conversation, it was metaphorically an immoral discourse.
William Atkinson, Linendraper, of Cheapside for Criminal Conversation with Mrs.
Mark Wahlberg (right) is in negotiations to star in the thriller Criminal Conversation, based on the 1994 novel by Evan Hunter.
Spacey, who recently finished Pay It Forward with two-year-old HALEY JOEL OSMENT, is to filmThe Shipping News while Softely is committed to Criminal Conversations.