crime wave

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a sudden rise in the crime rate

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BEIRUT: The mayor of the Metn town of Baskinta Wednesday urged the authorities to step in following a crime wave.
That is, if we are really serious about tackling this worrisome crime wave in our country.
The ovine crime wave began, insurance company and farm union officials say, after global food prices started jumping again,.
After the hearing, Insp Jim Gray, of Whitley Bay police, said: "This individual is a one-man crime wave and when he is in our area he commits car crime.
The short-term car rental sector was hit by a recession-induced crime wave last year with a 12 per cent rise in vehicle thefts.
THE short-term car rental sector was hit by a recessioninduced crime wave last year with a 12 per cent rise in vehicle thefts.
GARDY steps up his one-man (or two-man, if you count Roman's reluctant help) crime wave with terrifying results.
INSURERS are taking drastic action to curb a new car crime wave fuelled by the recession.
AS we exclusively revealed in yesterday's paper, Scotland is in the grip of a soaring crime wave as the credit crunch really begins to bite.
In this latest volume of reminiscences he gives readers a potpourri of snapshots, stories based on his various assignments: Iraq and Saddam's trial and execution; Zimbabwe and Mugabe; the often unreported crime wave that is sweeping over South Africa; assorted film and television actors and actresses; and several 'thoroughly dubious people' including Mugabe, Alastair Campbell, an extortioner, Bushmen, Serbian contract killers, a 'child sorcerer in the Congo', and Chinese tombraiders for good measure.
Tombs and Whyte, both affiliated with Liverpool John Moores University, UK, investigate this hidden crime wave.
Surely there must be one good politician in our parliament who is motivated enough to do something about this crime wave engulfing our nation?
Sexual assaults of women appear to have become a fixture of the kidnappings for money carried out by gangs in a crime wave that developed after the ouster in Feb.
They are illegal aliens, from Honduras and Ecuador, just two of the hundreds of thousands brutalizing Americans in a crime wave of unfathomable proportions.
BURGLARIES have dropped by nearly half since a oneman crime wave was jailed.