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the ratio of crimes in an area to the population of that area

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I commend Malabon CPS for the substantial decrease in the city's crime rate.
To give an order of magnitude, the South African city of Pietermaritzburg has a crime rate of 82.
The budget of Punjab police in 2012 to 2013 was Rs 65 billion however, the crime rate surged by 76 percent in that year whereas it was climbed by 139 percent in 2013 to 2014 despite bearing expenses of Rs 70 billion on the security.
Col Kalender pointed out that the initiatives to solve disputes amicably, crime-curbing patrols, and Isnad patrols which have been deployed in various parts to of the emirate to detect crimes before they happened, played a great role in reducing the crime rate.
He said: "My research shows that areas with very high concentrations of immigrant populations tend to have much lower police-recorded crime rates than areas with low or medium concentrations of immigrants.
Index crimes in August reached 136 while non-index crimes reached 270 or a monthly crime rate of 406.
Problematic: very high crime rate, poor well being for seniors, below average walkability, below average culture.
With an almost 10 percent drop in its crime rate, Austin saw the sharpest decrease in Texas and the nation.
40 incidents per 1,000 population, the North East is the third safest region of England and Wales, well below the national average student-relevant crime rate (22.
BARRY had South Wales' highest crime rate in 2014, figures from UKCrimeStats show.
Reduction of crime rate in Kyrgyzstan is a bad symptom, as crimes might be disguised, Interior Minister Abdulda Suranchiyev told a press conference on May 19.
Crime rate dropped by 25,7% in 2013, as compared with the data of 2012 - Georgian Ministry of Interior's (MoI) press
This paper seeks empirical evidence of any significant difference in the reported crime rate associated with adoption of right-to-carry on public college campuses in Utah and on the Colorado Springs and Pueblo campuses in Colorado.
Manama: The crime rate in Kuwait has decreased by 14.
KUWAIT, Nov 2 (KUNA) -- The crime rate in Kuwait has decreased by 14.
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