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Synonyms for crier

a person who weeps

(formerly) an official who made public announcements


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a peddler who shouts to advertise the goods he sells

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The office of crier is generally filled by some old man, who is good for little else.
In the courts of law, the judge has his spittoon, the crier his, the witness his, and the prisoner his; while the jurymen and spectators are provided for, as so many men who in the course of nature must desire to spit incessantly.
The right was reserved for the Buff party, and the centre for the mayor and his officers; one of whom--the fat crier of Eatanswill--was ringing an enormous bell, by way of commanding silence, while Mr.
In obedience to this command the crier performed another concerto on the bell, whereupon a gentleman in the crowd called out 'Muffins'; which occasioned another laugh.
Criers went the rounds early in the eve- ning and announced the coming attempt, which put every pulse up to fever heat.
The sheriffs with their great chains and nosegays, other civic gewgaws and monsters, criers, ushers, a great gallery full of people - a large theatrical audience - looked on, as the two-and-thirty and the Judge were solemnly confronted.
Such criers of ill to come may well find ill at hand, Mopo.
So the chief of police ordered a gallows to be erected, and sent criers to proclaim in every street in the city that a Christian was to be hanged that day for having killed a Mussulman.
He at once sent the criers round to call the people in assembly, so they called them and the people gathered thereon; then, when they were got together, he went to the place of assembly spear in hand--not alone, for his two hounds went with him.
The goddess Dawn now wended her way to vast Olympus that she might herald day to Jove and to the other immortals, and Agamemnon sent the criers round to call the people in assembly; so they called them and the people gathered thereon.
In the morning also, all the sworn criers of the good city of Paris had traversed the quarters of the city, particularly the halles and the faubourgs, announcing with their hoarse and indefatigable voices, the great justice done by the king upon two speculators, two thieves, devourers of the people.
Do you think newspapers and town criers are needed to tell a scout what is doing on the prairies, as they are in the bosom of the States?
For six years, Marjorie's held the historic position as the County Durham town's crier, despite living in West Jesmond, Newcastle.
The Midlands reigning world champion town crier has missed the chance of defending his crown because of a funding crisis.
A 90-year-old town crier who was hit in the head with a crossbow bolt, said yesterday he had a lucky escape.