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Synonyms for wolf

Synonyms for wolf

to swallow (food or drink) greedily or rapidly in large amounts

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Austrian composer (1860-1903)


German classical scholar who claimed that the Iliad and Odyssey were composed by several authors (1759-1824)

a man who is aggressive in making amorous advances to women

a cruelly rapacious person

eat hastily


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I would like to remind you of the story, the 'Boy who Cried Wolf.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf is known as one of Aesop's Fables, but versions with the same message, that nobody believes a character who is known to be a liar, can be found in cultures throughout the world.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf, which can be seen at the LBT until Sunday, December 28, was written for the tutti frutti company, formerly in residence in Huddersfield but now based at York's Theatre Royal.
Two years on, the band may still be far from fashionable but the good news is this: Boy Cried Wolf is the album of their career.
The musical journey through Aesop's tales include The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Tortoise And The Hare, The Dog And Its Reflection, The Fox And The Crow plus The Bear And The Travellers.
Having cried wolf four times, if there is another occasion in the future - if there is a Spanish type of flu - the danger is no-one will take it seriously.
The Boy who cried Wolf is a charming fable to everyone except the boy himself.
They include The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White, Three Little Pigs, and The Ugly Duckling.
When the product liability "crisis" hit, insurance companies cried wolf.