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And the next morning after breakfast he squared up all the cricketing accounts, went round to his tradesmen and other acquaintance, and said his hearty good-byes; and by twelve o'clock was in the train, and away for London, no longer a school-boy, and divided in his thoughts between hero-worship, honest regrets over the long stage of his life which was now slipping out of sight behind him, and hopes and resolves for the next stage upon which he was entering with all the confidence of a young traveller.
A new forum is being set up to provide a cohesive governance structure across all the cricketing elements in the region.
With nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan using our stadia to stage international matches and associate and affiliate nations playing here regularly, the UAE has become a top cricketing centre.
Cricket America will transform the cricketing landscape of this country through transparency and accountability," Avinash Varma, president of the Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board, said in the Cricket America press release.
It reflects the feelings of our cricketing frenzy nation, who desperately want to see international teams playing cricket in our local stadiums.
They have established the Yorkshire Cricket Collection - and are now on the lookout for paperbacks, hardbacks, pamphlets, brochures, videos, DVDs and other cricketing items.