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sports equipment used in playing cricket

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The 2011 World Cup did help in the increase in export of cricket equipment.
Even coaches agree that television makes a big difference in setting the trends of cricket equipment.
Cricket equipment will be distributed to players around the world.
Sponsored by contract furniture specialists Restall International, the award wins Kaleem pounds 100 worth of cricket equipment with his club, West Bromwich Dartmouth, receiving the same sum.
On its website, Extra Cover CricKet describes itself as a "proper cricKet shop" stocKing all cricKet equipment including bats, gloves, pads, wicKet Keeping Kit, balls, clothing with brands including Puma, KooKaburra, Gray Nicolls, Gunn and Moore and Slazenger.
ccording to Fernandez, the bat combines a pygmy blade with a long handle, and is seen as the single most radical change to cricket equipment since 1771.
We will also distribute cricket equipment, donated by Shyam Bhatia, to the children," said Presley Polonnowita, the coach of Desert Cubs.
The award, a voucher for cricket equipment from Boundary Sports, is the upshot of the teenager's performances for Stratford during May.
It also specialises in junior cricket equipment and was reputedly the first retailer to commission the manufacture of mini pads and gloves.
Liam Dickinson of Hoylandswaine was suspended for one match for abuse of cricket equipment.
During that innings he even switched his normal three-quarter length Mongoose, the CoR3, for the most extreme version, the MMi3, described by its own promotional guff as "the single most radical change to cricket equipment since 1771".
Under 9s cricket is played with a softball and used Kwik Cricket equipment.
Key People: In the early days, John Harris was treasurer (he collected 10p per week from all players to ensure the club had the necessary funds), while Tom Walton ordered extra cricket equipment from his PE capitation so that players could use school gear
He further said that three cricket equipment manufacturers will be asked to submit a coloured ball, with the favourite, a pink one developed by Kookaburra.
The event was sponsored by cricket equipment manufacturers Readers, who, through their representative supplied a host of items for the raffle, and the proceeds - amounting to pounds 675 - went to the Highfield Lane club to help their re-building fund, following the arson attack on their premises which completely destroyed the clubhouse in December.