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the club used in playing cricket

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After the confrontation, as many as 23 young men started beating Dilawar and his friends with the cricket bat.
He then picked up a cricket bat and said, 'I've got the right thing for somebody like you.
The gran said: "He started walking towards me and struck me on the cheek with a cricket bat.
Armed with a cricket bat, Pollard |heads directly towards Chrissie Sugden
OSN network, who are the sponsors of the UAE team for the World Cup, have produced a giant cricket bat 32 meters long four metres wide and as tall as an 8 to 10-storey building weighing a mammoth 950kg and nearly 32 times longer than a standard cricket bat hoping to clinch a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest cricket bat in the world.
As this newspaper reported, Assim Abassi was unlucky enough to be photographed on public transport in Brussels with his cricket bat on his way to net practice.
According to the BBC, Vincent said that he got a phone call to meet the person he was working for, adding that the person got a cricket bat and was walking towards him with a killer look in his eyes.
The history of making cricket bats in Kashmir dates back to the 19th century, when Allah Baksh, an industrialist from Pakistan, established his cricket bat unit at Halmulla, Bijbehara, where willow logs were converted into clefts for onward finishing at Sialkot.
AFORENSIC analyst has demonstrated in court how Oscar Pistorius may have bashed a cricket bat on the door of his toilet to get to the girlfriend he had just fatally shot.
Police Colonel Gerhard Vermeulen brought before the South African court both the door and the cricket bat -- two pieces of physical evidence which could hold the key to the case.
THE origins of a 1930s signed cricket bat found at a Tyneside school may have been unearthed.
A SIGNED cricket bat suspected to date back to the 1930s has been discovered at a North East school.
BATMAN: James Dollive, who runs cricket bat business JEDi, in the workshop at his Skelmanthorpe home (JH040713Bjames)
Codrington left adland and launched his Mongoose cricket bat in the UK andIndia in 2009 and has built the brand through player endorsement.
za/news/exclusive-the-case-against-oscar-2) City Press dropped a bombshell on Sunday when it reported that police were considering the cricket bat a crucial piece of evidence in the murder case.