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the ball used in playing cricket

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You've seen obviously Davey, Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, they hit 360 degrees, and with only four fielders out with a hard white cricket ball, it's pretty sort of hard to stop those sorts of guys on their day.
The cricket ball delivery was a "bouncer" as it is commonly called, is a short-pitched fast bowl.
He added one of the parachutists made the jump holding a cricket ball which, fortunately, he did not drop.
According to the Independent, the cricket ball reached the peak altitude, which is three times the cruising height of commercial aeroplanes, before it plummeted back to Earth.
He claimed the cricket ball landed on the warehouse roof and the Indian victim asked one of the defendants, a 35-year-old Indian, to allow him to use the winch to reach it.
7mph sideways breeze can alter the point at which a spinning cricket ball hits the ground by more than five inches - enough to fox a defending batsman.
One driver returned from a day on the beach to find his windscreen had been sandblasted, while another saw a cricket ball fly through his car window.
which is something of a blow because I've just remembered a great British event that was always popular at my school sports day: throwing the cricket ball.
The simple design shows a cricket ball with the hard-hitting message: "When the ball hits the deck at 85mph, it doesn't care what language you speak.
5 years ago BRAVE Georgia Vargiu was back home cheering on England -less than a week after her skull was fractured by a cricket ball in a freak accident.
But the "shots" were the sound of a cricket ball hitting a metal shutter as staff inside played a game after watching England in the World Cup.
The match was staged in the Middle East for the first time last year when Durham beat the MCC in a contest that was also notable because it was used as a competitive trial for a pink cricket ball.
His excuse for that was, the player was hungry and hence he thought he'd eat a cricket ball.
He's a fantastic hitter of a cricket ball, but he has been a little bit indecisive going in at six against slow bowling.
He paints a cricket ball with a colour then bats it against a blank canvas to create unique pieces of abstract art.