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Synonyms for crick

Synonyms for crick

a painful muscle spasm especially in the neck or back ('rick' and 'wrick' are British)

English biochemist who (with Watson in 1953) helped discover the helical structure of DNA (1916-2004)

twist (a body part) into a strained position

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Prof Crick, 36, has previously advised the Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales and is currently an expert adviser to the Welsh Government and chair of the recently-announced National Network for Excellence in Science & Technology, a PS4m investment by the Welsh Government.
A new research agreement has been signed by the Francis Crick Institute and AstraZeneca (LON: AZN), the institute revealed on Tuesday.
Can we tell Crick, can someone go and interrupt Crick at the back.
Channel 4 News political correspondent Crick marched up to the press officer and called his name.
All the money raised will go towards the PS100m that Cancer Research UK has pledged to raise for the Crick.
As Crick gamely asked whether the prince was worried about the publication he was body-blocked by a female press secretary who tore the sleeve off Crick's microphone before tossing it on to the pavement.
That performance came over an extended 12 furlongs, and the step up to two miles and one should suit Miss Crick, Hutchinson's pick of the King runners.
likely to get a crick in that said, we think we have now hit upon a foolproof way to sleep upright, and it's called the TRTL, above.
Bloom tried to play down his remarks about women, saying his comments were a joke but he has not publicly apologised to Crick.
Watson nunca estuvo por la labor de especular siquiera sobre tales cosas; Crick dedico sus ultimos anos en el Salk Institute a investigar sobre la consciencia humana pero murio ya.
Yep, THAT James Watson and Francis Crick - of Nobel Laureate fame AND fortune.
24 ( ANI ): A letter detailing the structure of a DNA that Dr Francis Crick - one of the scientists who discovered it- wrote to his son is set to be sold for 1.
NEW YORK -- Sixty years ago scientist Francis Crick wrote a letter to his 12-year-old son saying he and a colleague had discovered something "very beautiful" - the structure of DNA.
com)-- Sixty years ago, Francis Crick, James Watson, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin solved a mystery that had been puzzling scientists for decades when they determined the structure of the double helix in DNA which has led to countless scientific advances ever since.
Summary: New York: Sixty years after Nobel Prize winning scientist Francis Crick discovered the structure of .