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a card game (usually for two players) in which each player is dealt six cards and discards one or two


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Can't trust loons at cribbage," Doc said, shaking his head.
Rockler also sells standard-size cribbage board drilling templates.
Drinkers are joining in old favourites such as dominos, darts, bar billiards, table skittles and cribbage, with many locals forming teams and competing in leagues.
They would play darts, dominoes, cribbage or maybe skittles.
This association was set up to promote the game, and in the case of a Kenilworth league, cribbage as well.
The certified public accountant enjoyed golf, which he had played at the collegiate level, plus curling, bridge, cribbage, and Scrabble.
Boundary has a long history of supporting community nonprofits through events like the annual Cribbage Tournament organized to benefit the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center and the Inauguration Party held this year to benefit the Bellingham Food Bank.
stable stalwart Gerry Supple (right) - a man whose idea of culture is a game of cribbage accompanied by a pint of lager and a packet of cheese and onion crisps with a pickled egg thrown in for for good measure.
The WMC lads were no sluggards when it came to dominoes and cribbage.
The games, which include bowling, cribbage, a fun walk, golf, horseshoes, pool and softball, begin Monday and end Saturday.
Long a staple at family gatherings, cribbage always has held center stage whenever our relatives get together.
Emily, Roger and their classmates are having a fine kindergarten year: Miss Cribbage always has fun activities for them to do, and learning adventures they can take home to their families.
And for Axelson, that means a lot more scrabble, cribbage, cards in the van, more soccer and football at gas stops, and, thankfully, not much Dora the Explorer or diaper changing.
Customers also enjoy cribbage, bar skittles, chess and dominoes.
There is nothing cool about hating your job and doing nothing about it" and "the idea of working in unfulfilling jobs during your youthful years so that you can enjoy some golf and cribbage in your dotage has to be one of the most depressing thoughts there is.