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Twenty of McDonald's top 50 worldwide management began their careers in a McDonald's restaurant, including Skinner, whose first job was as a crewperson at a McDonald's in Davenport, Iowa in 1962.
The Ocean Racing Crewperson of the Year was Michael Bencsik, as a member of the crew of AFR Midnight Rambler, winner of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart and an IMS division winner of the 2000 Sydney to Hobart.
The most popular presentation of the night was the Ocean Racing Crewperson of the Year Award to Sally Gordon, who went on to sail as navigator of the winning yacht, SAP Ausmaid, in the 2000 Telstra Sydney to Hobart Race.
crewperson in 1985, Siddiqi has since held various positions in restaurant operations, most recently a district manager in the Pomona and Inland Empire area.
During a break in shooting this March, the sailors presented series' stars, Scott Bakula (Captain Jonathan Archer) and Connor Trinneer (Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker, III) and director, LeVar Burton, with a flag that flew above the carrier in gratitude for the support the cast and crew of ENTERPRISE have given the crewpersons.