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a plain straight neckline opening from shoulder to shoulder of sweaters

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They've discovered a "continuity field" in which the brain visually merges similar objects seen within a 15-second time frame, hence the previously mentioned jump from crewneck to henley goes largely unnoticed.
Mr Kouzaris, wearing a grey crewneck T-shirt, and Mr Cooper, dressed in a black V-neck T-shirt, stand directly in front of a camera in Smokin' Joes bar in conversation with the two women.
The majority of men are wearing crewneck pullovers (with a pattern), beneath an anorak and the de rigueur jeans.
Avoid turtleneck tops and rather go for the V-neck or crewneck t-shirts.
Forget wearing an adorable sundress to a late-night summer party in Harbor Springs--my uniform was a white turtleneck (set off the tan nicely), a navy crewneck sweater, khaki shorts (which also set off the tan nicely) and Jack Rogers flip-flops.
MacGibbon delivered clean-lined silhouettes in camel and chambray, with plain-fronted high-waisted pants and crewneck sweaters, oversized hooded coats and romantic button-down blouses.
American printed crewneck sweatshirt - they come in a variety of styles including sports and cartoons.
He had light brown clean-cut hair and wore a black hat with a logo, light--colored blue jeans, black tennis shoes and a light tan crewneck sweatshirt with the words "Las Vegas" on the front.
In contrast, Sarah wore the dress of a student, circa 1964, a black crewneck sweater with long sleeves, an A-line skirt just below the knee, and black tights.
A woman's cotton/hemp short sleeve wrap T costs $32, and men's hemp/wool crewneck sweaters can be had for $49.
The man, who had suffered multiple stab wounds, was wearing a red crewneck pullover with a horizontal stripe across it, a black leatherjacket and smart jeans.
LLC, Campbellsville, KY, is being awarded a maximum $10,259,400, fixed price with economic price adjustment contract for men's crewneck undershirts.
50; striped crewneck jumper, pounds 32; puffy hobo bag, pounds 16.
We love their parallel fit trousers in classic ecru and midstone which look great with flower print fitted shirts, crewneck t-shirts and sweatshirts in sexy shades.