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A reunion for former crewmen of the USS Iwo Jima-class Association which consists of USS Iwo Jima (LPH2/LHD7); USS Okinawa(LPH3), USS Guadalcanal (LPH7), USS Guam (LPH9), USS Tripoli (LPH10/CVE64) and the USS New Orleans (LHP11) Sept.
Crewmen were told to take the ship to Bhavnagar, India, to be scrapped.
Retired Navy Captain Joseph Adelman, a resident of Akron, will be on COD's deck to receive salutes from his former crewmen.
Heat-seeking cameras were being used to search for any sign of the missing crewmen, while rescue helicopters scoured the North Sea since first light.
At the height of the Force 10 storm, the immense wave swept over the bow where the three crewmen were working.
Moore said relatives of other crewmen, whose remains were discovered with Cameron's, helped fill in the some of the blanks this week with stories and letters of their own.
The Coast Guard is still searching for the remaining crewmen.
IRAN will prosecute eight British crewmen it detained after they entered Iran's territorial waters with three military patrol boats.
Iran impounded three British military vessels and detained the eight crewmen yesterday in the Shatt-al-Arab waterway, Iraq's main link with the Persian Gulf and the border between Iraq and Iran.
Although written for and by "Champ" crewmen, this nostalgic review of one of the stalwarts of the 1950s carrier fleet should be welcomed by anyone with an interest in Naval Aviation.
As I looked back, I saw the other two crewmen come out of the fire the same way I had escaped.
Crewmen Howard Fields and Eric Ambler received certificates acknowledging their part in the rescue when they steered the inshore lifeboat to within 50 metres of the cliff bottom in rough seas.
When he began having breathing difficulties fellow crewmen Clive Tully and Alan Priddy sent out a mayday call.
As crewmen struggled to save barges and their cargo, Dobson watched three five-ton trucks slide into the river and disappear.
A funeral procession in the streets of Havana, Cuba, for crewmen killed when the USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor.