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The crewman ended up alongside this man at A&E.
The second crewman later told us that the crew chief was still up in the back when we crashed.
The five-hour operation began after a crewman on the US Navy ship, Loyal, was reported to be suffering from internal bleeding.
The crewman had been supervising operations on the ground as the pilot ferried equipment to a lighthouse when the chopper spun out of control.
The AC, crew chief and second crewman were from the same squadron.
A RESCUE operation to tow a stricken Canadian submarine to safety was continuing last night, as a second crewman remained in a critical condition.
Another spokesman said the second crewman had also been safely rescued, and both members had suffered only minor injuries after ejecting from the aircraft.
The friends of outrigger crewman John Deblin will launch their craft Saturday into the water off Silver Strand beach in a memorial service to commemorate his love of the ocean.
We have located the main part of the wreckage and the body of the crewman," said Group Captain Christopher Lebas, a defence advisor at the British High Commission in Singapore.
As an Unlimited Hydroplane crewman, crew chief and owner, Jim Harvey's boat racing career has spanned three decades.
A CRAB fisherman was found alive on a sea fort platform yesterday - a day after the body of his only crewman was found in the water near their drifting boat.
Crewman Tino Rico, 38, took off swimming with Sullenger and was rescued by a Harbor Patrol vessel.
The RAF pilot, a crewman and a soldier died and nine others were injured when the pounds 20million Puma crashed.
With the lifelines still down after recovering a boat on the davit, a crewman needed to raise the keel rest.
Two yachtsmen and an RNLI crewman were thrown into the sea but managed to grab hold of a life-raft.