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Both the skipper and the crewman were intoxicated by illegal and controlled drugs such that their ability to function was significantly impaired.
Peter Kyne, 48, from the Isles of Scilly who was on board the 30ft yacht with son Alan, 17, and crewman Augustine, 33, put in a call to Falmouth coastguards who contacted the race controllers.
Stuart, who manages Penarth Marina and is married with two young children, has been a volunteer crewman on the town's lifeboat for 11 years and is a member of the RNLI's Rapid Response Unit.
Shetland Coastguard manager Neil Cummins said the crew from the helicopter and the lifeboat had worked in extreme weather conditions to save the life of the injured crewman.
The boat's captain notified the Coast Guard that a crewman had sustained a 3- to 4-inch cut on the head.
But in the appalling conditions, the vessels separated and it took a daring leap by crewman Simon Emms to secure the towline, before treating the injured man.
Engineer, October-December 2003, page 37) contained National Stock Numbers (NSNs) for obsolete combat vehicle crewman gloves.
The copilot and our second crewman [another qualified first crewman, who decided to fly in our bird) wisely continued to wear their SV2s.
The Viking's crewmen sustained first-aid injuries while one flight deck crewman suffered major injury, two had minor injuries and two had first-aid injuries.
When you hit the dock, a crewman jumps off (or a kindly soul ashore grabs your rope) and you tie up the stern.
Dobson had a key supporter--a barge crewman with previous U.
The coast guard was searching for a missing crewman Friday afternoon while trying to control a large oil spill after a small tanker carrying 700,000 liters of fuel sank in Manila Bay, Philippine Coast Guard officials said.
Then, teetering on the springboards, they whipped a crosscut saw back and forth as another crewman drove wedges into the cut to guide the tree's fall.
announced today that the US Coast Guard has suspended any further search and rescue efforts following the sinking of its tug VALOUR and confirmed that the missing crewman is presumed lost at sea.