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embroidery done with loosely twisted worsted yarn

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Sadly, by its nature, stump and crewelwork is fragile and extremely difficult to restore, the expert attention needed to repair damage being time-consuming and costly.
Crewelwork Crewelwork-England Crewelwork--England--Patterns .
You can see anything from primitive New Guinea artifacts to an English crewelwork piece from 1625 to a Grant Wood painting," he says.
30) These same elements were employed in candlewicks, as well as wholecloth and stuffed quilts, though the latter textiles relied on texture and raised surfaces to create pattern, rather than the color featured in crewelwork (fig.
The design, harmonizing blues and greens accented with warm yellow and old rose, is adapted from 18th century crewelwork embroidery from India depicting the ancient symbolical Tree of Life.
6) Through all of these avenues, but perhaps especially the television series, Erica Wilson helped to revive several needlework traditions, such as bargello, crewelwork, and turkey work in the 1970s.
Needle felting, a fiber art in which little clumps of loose wool, called roving, are pushed with a needle into a flat, or three-dimensional background, produces beautiful pieces that resemble crewelwork - even watercolor paintings - in a fraction of the time.
She enjoyed crewelwork and had a wonderful sense of humor.
A designer of clothing, dolls, toys and hooked rugs, she taught classes in crewelwork, a decorative form of embroidery.