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a closely cropped haircut


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Billy, who is divorced with one child, is 5ft 9in tall and has light brown hair in a crewcut style.
GONE is the bright orange crewcut, the black leather face masks and outrageous gender-bending outfits of Scots pop diva Annie Lennox.
HERE'S former nun Anna Nolan as you've never seen her before - sporting a gruesome crewcut.
Their efforts are rather more radical than Hugh had in mind but the resulting crewcut at least generates a healthy pile of logs.
Crewcut Cockbain is the younger brother of Wallabies star Matt and arrived at Sardis Road in the summer after falling out of love with London life at London Irish.
The American unveiled his startling crewcut on a break in the Bahamas with basketball legend Michael Jordan and the world's highest-paid baseball player, Alex Rodriguez.
I tried a crewcut then, and enjoyed it, but people still ridiculed you for it so I decided to grow it again.
I tried a crewcut then and enjoyed it, but people still ridiculed you for it so I decided to grow it again.
Combing those few remaining strands over the bald patch is a definite no-no for most guys these days - 87 per cent would go for a crewcut instead.
And, as our exclusive picture shows, he has swapped his trademark dreadlocks for a crewcut.
TWENTE ENSCHEDE star Rab McKinnon has been ordered to ditch his bleached- blond Gazza crewcut because his boss fears he'll lose his powers
And the nation watched live on telly as he was finally given a crewcut by champion shearer Peter Casserley.
With his crewcut and high-top black shoes, Unitas ushered in the modern era of the NFL.
It meant Flintoff, who plays county cricket for Lancashire, had to get a hasty crewcut to spare his embarrassment before he marries his intended Rachael on Saturday.