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a closely cropped haircut


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Gone is the platito and the crewcut and even the barber's cut.
More than a few Soldiers--many of whom were draftees--who wanted to look like their civilian counterparts faced the wrath of their First Sergeant, who usually sported a crewcut.
After all, Victoria in flats is about as likely as, well, Russell Brand having a crewcut.
Playing a grunt in a crewcut before his transformation, Worthington is tough, gruff and assertive as the genetic pioneer turned insurrectionist, while Saldana proves her mettle as yet another kick-ass Cameron heroine.
Odierno later told him he had too much hair to be a soldier, prompting the crewcut.
describes the elegant solutions that nature has devised, not only for untangling two twisted strands of DNA for replication, to make sure each progeny has one and only one whole strand of its parent, but also for keeping many bristly nucleic acids from getting so tangled that the cellular equivalent of a crewcut is required.
At 80, Brzezinski is nearly as relevant as he was 30 years ago, when he was the hawkish, crewcut national security adviser to Jimmy Carter.
I didn't even realize the man with the dark crewcut had dropped his arm.
The man's anchor was partly fixed to the seabed so the RNLI crewcut his anchor rope.
John Baker looks out the window, runs his hand through his steel-gray crewcut and gazes into the middle distance as he ponders the answer to a common question: What do sermonizing, boxing and motorcycling have in common?
His styles have included crewcut, long flowing blonde hair with an Alice band, highlights, braids, Mohican and mullet.
I was a mere sophomore, a distant observer, when they signed up for the army together, crewcut to flat tops and shaved within an inch of their lives, ready to fly from Kenosha to Korea for the ultimate game.
Swain was a short, crewcut infielder with a muscular frame and such tiny feet that his teammates used to say his shoes were small enough to drape over a rearview mirror.
Once over their shock, the Sarasota guests might take a tour of Rudolph buildings completed or in the making, or spend some time one-on-one with the short, intense, high-energy guy with the bristly crewcut and the horn-rimmed glasses who seemed perpetually hunched over his drawing board.
I don't know which boy said it, but I'll wager it wasn't the four-year- old with a crewcut who got told to remove his gold rope chain and earring by teacher.