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Crew members from Hartlepool and Seaham coastguards and Hartlepool RNLI were called to the Headland in Hartlepool at 6.
However, the crew members are not amused, as they have to get the dresses stitched on their own, and there are issues regarding absence of Air India logo and insufficient number of sarees.
TOKYO (CyHAN)- Three crew members have been dead after a Cambodian cargo ship sank off the Aomori Prefecture in the Sea of Japan on early Friday.
The crew member who was suffering from head injuries and was transferred by police helicopter from the Vice Admiral Kulakov, 20 nautical miles south of Akrotiri to Limassol General Hospital.
Saiki explained that the helicopter in question had landed in a location where it should not have landed and one crew member had gone missing trying to find a way out.
She takes over the title of youngest RNLI lifeboat crew member from Ritchie Durrant, who was 17 two weeks ago when he also joined the Lyme Regis crew.
CREW members on this stranded trawler found themselves high and dry yesterday when it ran aground.
She was treated on board by Dean Caldwell, 35, an emergency medical technician who has been a crew member for 18 months.
According to the documentary and other accounts of the Essex tragedy, the situation grew from bad to worse as crew members, adrift in rickety lifeboats and lacking navigational devices and fishing gear, at first ate the flesh of those who died despite their valiant efforts to stay alive, including the sharing of what few rations the crew had.
Crew members were given the option of taking the week off or staying on board, but if they stayed, they were put through a mandatory series of sensitivity training sessions.
21 from Fukuoka Prefecture, with four crew members, and the 498-ton Aiwa Maru from Okayama Prefecture, with five crew members.
On the longer legs, each crew member can lose as many as 25 pounds.
Islay crew member Richard Cameron is pictured at the Caol Ila whisky distillery, while Tobermory's Robin Harrowsmith is seen behind the counter in his sweet shop.
Mr Pace said: "I have served as a volunteer crew member alongside Michael, Alan and David on countless services and training exercises.
Summary: A newly released phone call between a Costa Concordia crew member and coastguard officials suggests the crew were unaware of the crisis.
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