crew cut

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a closely cropped haircut


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Horses to follow: Aazif, Brundon, Calaf, Cape Classic, Commitment, Crew Cut, King Of Jazz, Lexington Spirit, Lordofthehouse, Lucanian, Montaser, Nine Realms, Quest For Peace, Royal Peculiar, Sans Loi, Sash Of Honour, Set To Music, Sign Of The Zodiac, Solar Sky, Sutton Veny, The Fugue, Thimaar, Yazdi, York Glory.
Sporting a crew cut, Golgo 13 doesn't have a lot to say; his adventures involve killing people and having sex.
During a rain-out at Yankee Stadium, the TV crew cut into a special documentary on the greatest pitcher the club had ever produced, Whitey Ford.
One is described as in his mid-30s with fair crew cut hair, 5ft 8in tall and was carrying a cream jumper.
The campaign, airing on Pyongyang television, shows a few state-approved hairstyles, such as the flat-top crew cut, the middle hairstyle, the low hairstyle, and the high hairstyle, all of which are between 1 and 5 centimeters in length.
They were hidden until contractor Wayne Boudinot and his crew cut back the overgrown brush in preparation for construction.
He was described as white, aged 14 or 15, about 5ft 5ins, of medium build, crew cut hairstyle, wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and trainers.
A black baseball cap kept the crew cut under cover as he arrived at Leicester's ground on United's club coach.
On the first day of seventh grade, she had dressed up like the film star James Cagney, complete with crew cut and thrift-shop suit.
how he stamped around my mother's kitchen in his crew cut and big black boots, whacking his finger in her face, drilling holes with his army voice repeat after me, i cannot hear you, nod your head, and she did, sitting bent over the dark oval of the kitchen table, nodding till her face drooped into a waxy blur tears steaming down her face like scouring fluid, saying, yes i hear you, yes, i swear sometimes, i want to waltz in, turn the big wooden clock in that kitchen back, and spit on my father, like i would spit on my shoe, rub the crud off, the dull residue gathered from trudging through this world, i want to spit hard, and rub, down to the deepest grain, down to my father's leathery skin, that is my skin, down to the pores, where it all begins.
The male driver of the vehicle is described as white, of big build with a dark crew cut style hair cut.
vvWhattheysay Jeremy Gask, trainer of Sutton Veny, Crew Cut and Speightowns Kid "Sutton Veny is too consistent for her own good.
A fire crew cut free a trapped and seriously-injured passenger.
The offender is described as a white man, aged around 20 years, approximately 5ft 8in tall, clean shaven, of medium to muscular build, with light crew cut hairstyle, and a light coloured tracksuit.
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