crew cut

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a closely cropped haircut


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The minimalist look would be a dramatic deviation for both fellows: Welch has never sported the shaved-head look, and the only time Peterson had a crew cut was as a boy some 30 years ago.
Master of ceremonies Ryan Seacrest, noted for a bleached crew cut 'do and a sleek DKNY suit, also handed out the Entertainment Style Award to The Gap for its catchy khaki commercials; the Fashion Performance Award to junior womenswear manufacturer Roxy by Quiksilver; and the Emerging Designer Award to Jenisa Washington, who designs under the Sold label.
For instance, Carey was last seen as a lovable teddy bear kinda guy with nerdy horn-rimmed glasses and a crew cut.
Sometimes two of us brothers leave the slightest space between us in the car for Seamus but we do not tell anyone because our dads face will tighten under his crew cut like someone turned a knob in his face.
Leg 1: 2:20 Nwm: CREW CUT (2) Leg 2: 2:40 Nwb: SOMEWHAT (2) Leg 3: 2:50 Rpn: MON BRAV (3) Leg 4: 2:55 Nwm: PENNY DROPS (2) Leg 5: 3:15 Nwb: ACCESSION (2) Leg 6: 3:30 Rpn: FAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (3)
I've just read that David Cameron spends ninety pounds on a haircut, And he keeps telling us that we are all in this together, and he is one of us, It helps that he got a pay rise of 11% it's not his fault we can't keep up, And his hairdresser is in the New Years' Honours List, I know, you just couldn't make this up, Well I am a pensioner, and I could get 25 hair cuts for the price he pays, That would keep me going for two years, or 730 days, If David Cameron really wants to be more like us, He should go along and get some clippers from Argos, Then he could give himself a crew cut, a stylish number three, Not only would he go from zero to hero, think of how much money he could save the economy, by Arthur Lowe, Liverpool
vvWhattheysay Jeremy Gask, trainer of Sutton Veny, Crew Cut and Speightowns Kid "Sutton Veny is too consistent for her own good.
CREW CUT and SUTTON VENY both have an entry in Kempton's 8.
The offender is described as white, aged 16 to 18, 5ft 7ins to 5ft 9ins tall, with blond crew cut hair.
According to an Iraqi passenger, one of the 42 survivors, said that the crew cut the engines at about 2am, four hours before the boat hit the rocks.
A West Midlands Fire service crew cut free an occupant of one of the cars while four more freed themselves.
The man is white, in his early 20s and has a crew cut hairstyle.
He's been nerdy enough to inscribe the symbol for ``Pi'' in his close-shaved crew cut.
This crew cut wood to be used in train engines, probably in the 1890s.
Sporting a crew cut, Golgo 13 doesn't have a lot to say; his adventures involve killing people and having sex.
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