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a deep fissure

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Only once did a vehicle fall in a crevasse not far from Union Glacier camp," we are told.
They jumped over the crevasses that were not too wide but used ladders to go across the wider ones.
Dr Hamilton, who had degrees from the University of Aberdeen and the University of Cambridge, had worked for several years mapping the area around the McMurdo Station and identifying the crevasses to be repaired so that vehicles could haul supplies from the coast.
On Saturday, he was driving in a remote region of White Island known as the "shear zone" when his snowmobile fell into a crevasse, killing him on impact.
There were one or two scary moments as ice collapsed next to me, and at one point underneath me whilst in a crevasse zone, but thankfully I came through both incidents unscathed.
The theory is that if you fall into a crevasse, the prusik knot will lock tight on the loaded rope, preventing the pulk from tumbling down on top of you.
Australian Antarctic Division said in a statement Tuesday that the pilot fell 20 meters (66 feet) into the crevasse after landing on a remote ice shelf 104 miles (167 kilometers) northeast of Australia's Davis Station late Monday.
An image released by police showed the wreckage wedged between walls of ice in a crevasse on the Fox Glacier.
The wreckage has been located in a crevasse, but rescuers have been unable to reach it due to rugged terrain and poor weather conditions.
Police Inspector for west coast of the south island John Canning told Stuff news website that the helicopter was in a crevasse 762 m up the valley near Fox Glacier.
These must be sniffer dogs trained to seek out men fallen into crevasse or buried beneath the snow.
Tenders are invited for Ladder Crevasse Is Used In High Altitude And Glacier Areas Under Sub- Zero Temperature Conditions Of Magnitude Upto (-) 50 Degree C For Crossing The Crevasses Encountered In These Areas
They said of the two pilots, one had fallen into a crevasse on the glacier and was being moved to safety.
A Moulin if formed when water on the surface of a glacier enters the large body of ice, forming a shaft or crevasse.
And a lot of crevasses have less snow than they used to, so the chances of a crevasse fall are greater than when (Shackleton) did it," he said.