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severe hypothyroidism resulting in physical and mental stunting

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A: Cretinism, or infantile myzedema, is a condition created by a lack of thyroid secretion during the birth process that retards the gland from developing.
The relationship between various levels of iodine deficiency and the prevalence of goiter, likelihood of elevated TSH (low thyroid], and presence of cretinism are shown in Table 5.
Groves compared the Flores bones with those of 10 people who'd had cretinism, focusing on anatomical features that are typical of the disease.
Neonatal screening for cretinism now is legislated in the 50 United States and many foreign countries, and giving thyroxine within the first month of life guarantees normal mental development in the vast majority of affected infants.
Minuscule amounts of iodine in the diet could prevent goiter, cretinism, and hypothyroidism, which were endemic in areas where soil and water were deficient in this vital element.
A new cretinism in our indifferent culture seems to be the prevailing attitude.
Hypothyroidism or cretinism causes retarded bone age with characteristic stippled epiphyses.
Children born to iodinedeficient mothers can suffer from extreme physical and mental retardation manifesting in learning skills, speech defects, deafness and cretinism.
The problem is both a threat to the productivity of the workforce and a cause of cretinism and mental retardation [4, 9].
15 mg) is generally sufficient to prevent goiter and to prevent cretinism in infants when the pregnant mother ingests this dosage.
Of these, 54 million suffer from goitre, two million suffer from cretinism, and 6.
lt; 20 [micro]g/day iodine intake) has been associated with stillbirths, congenital anomalies, perinatal mortality, and cretinism (Delange 2000).
He made the following observations: 1) goiter and cretinism are rare in localities which arc rich in iodine; 2) they do occur frequently, however, in localities which arc poor in iodine; and 3) iodine supplementation is a specific preventative of goiter.